What Size of Rugby Ball Do I Need?


Getting the right size of rugby ball for those playing is incredibly important. When throwing, catching, and kicking, you need that control and security that you can handle the ball while avoiding injury. If a rugby ball is too small for adult players, the control is lost in a high paced, high impact environment. If the ball is too large for, say, kids training, then it could increase injury risk to smaller hands.

What Rugby Ball Sizes are Available?

The two most important factors in buying a rugby ball are the size and type. Choosing the right rugby ball will depend on the ages of the players and the type of activity it will be used in. For example, a ball could be used for a match, or it could be used for training for kids. This will affect the decision in your rugby ball size and type.

Gilbert Rugby Ball Size Guide

As one of the best rugby ball manufacturers in the world, Gilbert have been providing the balls used in some of the greatest rugby moments the world has seen on the professional stage for some time. Gilbert rugby balls come in 6 sizes; Size 5, Size 4, Size 3, Super Midi, Midi, and Mini.

Size Suitable For Ages Length Girth
Size 5 Adults 15+ 285mm 585mm
Size 4 Juniors 10 - 14 275mm 545mm
Size 3 Children 7 - 9 255mm 535mm
Midi All All 215mm 420mm
Mini / Size 1 All All 160mm 315mm

Mitre Rugby Ball Size Guide

Rugby Ball Size Guide

Regulation Rugby Ball Size

A regulation match rugby ball is a size 5. These are the biggest sizes of rugby ball available. Not all size 5 rugby balls are regulation match quality. Top leagues will use premium quality balls however the difference is small so long as you are using a top brand like Gilbert.

Training Rugby Ball Sizes

For junior teams and kids learning the sport, training rugby balls are usually size 3 or size 4 depending on the age group. The smaller ball makes for more proportionate control to growing bodies and hands as junior players develop their game. Mini or midi rugby balls are much smaller versions, and can be used by players of all ages to learn, to practice, and to even just have fun and play games.

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At Greaves, we stock a wide range of rugby balls of all sizes. Whether you are looking for a size 5 rugby ball from Gilbert for a match, or a mini rugby ball to help kids train and practice handling, we have a selection of sizes in different styles to choose from. You can also check out our rugby department for rugby boots, rugby kits, and much more.

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