• Golf Club Fitting

  • Boost Performance

    with a PGA Pro

  • Reduced Injury Chance

    through proper technique

  • Improve Movement

    for great flexibility

  • Increase Accuracy

    for a better score

  • More Comfortable Swing

    to last all round.

Custom Golf Club Fitting

Thinking about taking up golf? What better way to start than with a custom fitting with our in-house PGA pro. We'll analyse which clubs are suited to your height, strength, swing, and club head speed as well as give you tips on how to overall improve your technique. Don't just get golf clubs, get the right golf clubs.

Did we mention your fitting is free when you buy your golf clubs afterwards?

Book an Appointment


Book an Appointment


Come into the Greaves Store for your Appointment


Complete the swing Consult (approx. 1 hour)


Review Results with our PGA Professional Team


Choose New Golf Clubs Based on the Results

Preparing for Your Appointment

You should bring along your golf glove as you will want to simulate as accurate a swing as possible, depending on the clubs you are being fitted for. Fittings for drivers or irons typically last around 1 hour, however if you would like a fitting for multiple irons or woods, a 2 hour slot is advised

During Your Appointment

Our in-house PGA pro will analyse your swing, give you tips and tricks to perfect your form and help find the perfect equipment. You don't just leave Greaves with a set of clubs, you leave a better golfer.

After Your Appointment

After your analysis and fitting, our expert golf team will help you pick out the best clubs measured for your swing, suited to your height and strength, and to compliment your speed and swing. Your fitting appointment fee is fully refundable against your purchase of custom fit golf clubs

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