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Re-Stringing a Racket

Restringing your racket can add life and lognevity to your favourite equipment, but also change and benefit the way you play. With more expensive rackets in sports such as tennis, badminton, and squash, it is not economical to replace the whole racket. Re-gripping and re-stringing the racket can ensure your equipment lasts for years.

Signs your racket needs re-stringing are when strings are frayed or closed to breaking, or when they have lost tension. Lost tension in racket strings means you must swing harder for the same power or distance, or that contact is not clean despite a controlled strike of the ball or shuttlecock. Signs of fraying can also be from the sound of contact changing.

Our racket re-stringing service is a quick and cost-effective way of maintaining your rackets for longer.


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How Often Should I Re-String My Racket

We would recommend you get your racket restrung after every 40 hours or so of play, depending how often you play - and regardless of the sport you are using your racket for. For example, if you play once a week, this could be every 6 months for a re-stringing, or every 3 months if you play 4 times a week.

You will be able to tell when the strings fray and the tension lessens on the racket.

Types of String & Tension in Re-Stringing

There are different types of string and tensions available when you are having your racket re-strung. Multifilament is the most popular and closest to a natural gut, but there is also monofilament - or hybrid which is a mixture. The tension level of your racket strings is defined by the balance between control and power. A higher tension will give more control, while a lower tension will generate more power. Our specialised team can help you decide what string and tension will help you best based on your play frequency and level.