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What is Gait Analysis and What Are the Benefits?

Your 'Gait' is your way of walking / running. As walking involves balance, coordination, and muscle movement, everyone has their own walking pattern. Different person - different gait. No matter your level of running, understanding your gait and wearing appropriate footwear can help avoid or reduce injury, and improve performance and recovery. Professional gait analysis can make a huge difference in your running performance.

Book an Appointment


Book an Appointment


Come into the Greaves Store for your Appointment


Complete the Physical Consult (approx. 40 minutes)


Review Results with our Professional Team


Choose New Running Shoes Suited To Your Results

Preparing for Your Appointment

Bring along your current running shoes. We review the model and wear pattern for initial thoughts. This is particularly useful if you're experiecing discomfort or injury. Arrive with your preferred running sock to help us gauge fit, feel, & size. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing to allow you to run or walk during your analysis. Our analyists will discuss your goals, injuries, and other general queries to find the right shoe for you.

After Your Appointment

Once we have analysed your gait, we work with you to find the right running shoe for you. Different brands and models are more suited for different pronations. We have a huge range of brands and styles available for all budgets. Having the right shoe will make a significant difference to your performance when running, and your recovery afterwards.

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