What is Gait Analysis? 


Your ‘Gait’ is your way of walking/running. As walking involves balance, coordination and muscle, everyone has their own walking pattern. Different person, different Gait

The ‘Analysis’ part 

gait analysis process

You may think “I’m not an athlete” but your level doesn’t matter. It is beneficial for anyone, from beginners to seasoned runners to gain an understanding of their walking/running pattern.

Once you have completed 2 quick and simple steps, you will be shown a 3D print of your feet, tracking of your foot’s pressure points and it’s natural path. This will help us assign you a shoe group;

  • Neutral
  • Support

gait analysis process

Once you have been assigned your ideal shoe group, you can then choose from our wide range of styles and brands, knowing our service will provide you with the best starting block for wherever your running journey will take you. 

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