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Shokz, or Aftershokz as they were formally known, are a premium sport headphones brand. Combining excellent technological and audiological running headphones solutions with stylish, comfortable devices makes Shokz one of the biggest and best sports headphones brands available today. Running on a treadmill or running in a gym, you need headphones which are secure but also safe. With Shokz’ patented technology, you get all of that and so much more.

Safety-Conscious Sports Headphones

A majority of those working out in gyms, parks, or streets enjoy listening to music or podcasts as both a distraction and motivation during activity. This can easily lead to situations where hearing is compromised in our surroundings. There are many situations where compromised hearing is relatively innocuous - a friend shouting in the gym, a loud ice cream truck in the park. There are many situations where hearing issues can however be hazardous, such as car horns or emergency sirens.

It is hard to find the balance between retaining awareness of your surroundings and maintaining volume to enjoy your sounds. Shokz’ range of running headphones however provide industry-leading solutions to help keep you safe and in musical nirvana.

Bone Conduction Technology

Shokz’ sport headphones use patented bone conduction technology to transmit sound. Traditional headphones & earphones use speakers within the ears or buds to transmit sound vibrations directly into the ears.

The bone conduction technology from Shokz instead transmits sound via vibrations through the cheekbones, delivering sound directly to your ear but bypassing the eardrum. Shokz also improve comfort, as there is nothing plugged in or covering your ears. A clean, hygienic way to listen to music or more during sports.

Shokz Headphones Models

Compare Shokz models currently available at Greaves and find out what model of running headphones would be best for you:

 Shokz Model OpenMove OpenRun OpenRunPro
Battery Life 6 hours 8 hours 10 hours
Charge Time 2 hours 1.5 hours 1 hour
Quick Charge? No Yes (10 mins / 1.5hr use) Yes (5 mins / 1.5hr use)
Standby Time Up to 10 hours Up to 10 hours Up to 10 hours
Tech Generation 7th 8th 9th
Release Year 2020 2021 2022
Sweat & Water Resistance IP55 IP67 IP55
Weight 29g 26g 29g
Material Titanium Headband Full Titanium Full Titanium
Charging Port USB-C Magnetic Induction Magnetic Induction
Wireless Range 33ft 33ft 33ft
Moisture Detector No Yes Yes



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Whether you’re listening to your favourite podcast or cranking up the heavy metal to power through your run, choose a pair of running headphones suitable for your needs. Running headphones should be comfortable and secure in motion, which can be easily removed when needed. Shokz headphones provide a fantastic balance between comfort, safety, and security, with fantastic technical innovation. Shop Shokz headphones online at Greaves today and get free delivery on all orders over £75.

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