The Importance of Wearing Golf Shoes


Any serious golfer will tell you the importance of proper golf attire, and that doesn’t stop with your footwear. There are countless benefits to wearing proper golf shoes, which are designed specifically for the unique physical requirements of the sport. From performance improvements to weather protection and golf course etiquette, read on to find out why golf shoes are worth it - even for beginners.

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Improve Your Golf Performance

Much like running shoes help you run better, golf shoes make you better at golfing. But if you wore running shoes to play golf, you’ll quickly see your performance take a hit. That’s because golf shoes provide enhanced grip on the course not afforded by any other type of footwear. Not only will you stay firm on your feet, but with an increase in traction underfoot you’ll gain greater stability, flexibility and rotation during your swing, whether you opt for spiked or spikeless golf shoes. Golf can be such a precise sport that even the slightest changes can have the biggest impact, so having the extra grip of golf shoes might seem like a minor feature, but can help make your shots that much more accurate.

Support & Comfort

Another reason to wear dedicated golf shoes is the increased support and comfort they will offer you compared to other types of shoes. Golf shoes offer great arch support and cushioning, perfect for long hours on the course, preventing foot injuries. Plus with a more balanced stance, you’ll notice the performance improvements too. If comfort is your number one priority in your golf shoes, brands such as FootJoy make a wide range of shoes with extra cushioning.

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Golf Shoes for Whatever the Weather

As you’ll rightly know if you live in Scotland, you can’t guarantee gorgeous blue skies for your next round of golf. That’s why it’s really important to know your shoes will be able to weather all conditions. Waterproof golf shoes will keep your feet dry when it’s raining, while still remaining breathable and comfortable in warmer weather.

Golf Course Etiquette

Love it or loathe it, golf is a game with a strict social code. In fact, many clubs have dress codes which strictly enforce that you wear golf shoes when you play. It’s not just pedantry: wearing inappropriate shoes can actually damage the green, causing unsightly marks and impede your fellow golfers’ games. When wearing proper golf shoes the risk of damage to the course is greatly reduced, keeping you in the good books at the 19th hole.


Invest in a pair of golf shoes today and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards on the green: your golf game will improve, you’ll feel more comfortable during play, your feet will stay nice and dry, all while respecting golf course decorum. 

We stock a wide range of golf shoes both online and at our Greaves Golf shop in Glasgow. If you require any assistance or guidance in choosing the right pair for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of PGA pros.

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