How to Keep Playing Golf in the Winter


Golfing in the UK winter may seem highly unappealing: shorter, darker days coupled with cold and wet weather is all the justification many people need to take a break til the season starts again in spring. But for you committed golfers out there–gazing longingly at your piles of golf themed Christmas presents, itching to get started on your golfing new year’s resolutions–pressing pause is simply out of the question. Luckily, with a bit of preparation and the right strategy, playing golf in the winter is not only possible but actually quite enjoyable too. Read on to find out what you need to make the most of winter golf, including suitable clothing, equipment adjustments and the right mental and physical preparations.

Winter golf course photo by Toby Harvey

The Right Golf Clothing

It’s true: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.”

The key to success playing golf at any time of year is wearing the right clothes, and winter is no exception. When the weather is cold, windy and wet, it’s crucial that you keep yourself warm. Use lightweight buildable layers, including weatherproof jackets such as this J. Lindeberg golf bridge padded rain jacket, that will keep you warm and dry without bulking up and impeding your swing. Don’t forget about golf shoes, a must all year round, and waterproof golf shoes will be a lifesaver at this time of year. With countless options from brands such as Ecco, FootJoy and Under Armour, you’ll easily find the right pair for you.

The Right Equipment

During the winter it’s best to forego the golf cart due to risk of damage to frosted grass (which is why many courses don’t allow them at this time of year). Instead opt for a carry or stand bag from reputable brands such as Titleist that will be much kinder to the green. You may also consider lightening your load during the winter - perhaps you play fewer holes, or decide to focus entirely on your short game, in which case you can spare a couple of clubs.

For optimal performance, we stock several products for use specifically for winter golf. For hard or icy ground, bring along some rubber Winter Tees, or better yet a Spurk Golf Mat that's perfect for protecting the grass during winter and giving you a golfing experience that isn't compromised by the weather.

The Right Preparations

Warming up before any kind of exercise is especially important when the weather outside is anything but. A gentle warm up with practice swings and stretching will not only get your head in the game, but warm up your muscles to improve your circulation and reduce your risk of injury. Walking between holes with a carry bag (as we recommended earlier) will keep you limber while protecting the grass. Accept also that during winter you’re not going to be breaking any personal records. Instead see it as an opportunity to maintain your practice, and a demonstration of your commitment to self-improvement. If you can tackle golf in the winter, you can do anything!

Alternatives to Winter Golf

If you really can’t face it - or don’t have access to a course during winter - there are alternatives that don’t mean you have to give up golfing cold turkey until April. Indoor training equipment such as this putting mat from Brand Fusion is the perfect tool to perfect your short game (or just have a bit of fun!). And if you’re missing golf while craving some vitamin D, now’s a great time to book that golf break.

Playing golf in the winter can present its own unique challenges, but with a bit of preparation and a lot of persistence, you’ll soon discover the joys of winter golf. If you follow our advice, dress properly and make the necessary adjustments you’ll probably find you really enjoy yourself, taking some calm and reflective time for yourself on the quiet of the course, maintaining momentum for when the season starts again in spring.

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