A How to Guide: The Basics for New Year’s Resolutions 2024

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Shortlisting New Year’s Resolutions can sometimes be daunting and often a struggle to stick to, thus sometimes leaving you comparing yourself to more 'successful' others. However, New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be huge changes, they can be something as simple as being more active, being conscious of your mental health and wellbeing or eating more healthily. 

5 Worthwhile New Year's Resolutions

  1. Become more active
  2. Be more conscious of your mental health & wellbeing
  3. Aim to eat more healthily 
  4. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!
  5. Make time to wind down before sleep


Become More Active

New Year's resolutions come with a lot of expectations, it's not a time to be hard on yourself. The key to sticking out a resolution is to make it a habit - this takes roughly 3 weeks to a month. So if becoming more active is a goal of yours why not start out by increasing your steps or using the gym membership that's been hidden away.

Increasing steps is one of the easiest ways to increase daily activity, with smart phones being able to track steps it's so accessible to tune in to your movement, however if you want something more accurate to know exactly what paces your body is being put through, maybe invest in a smart watch! These watches have the capability to track your steps, heart rate and some even measure your quality of sleep! The addition of a smart watch can make a great difference of simply being more aware of how active you are. They can be worn day-to-day, during your gym session and much more! Check out our range of Fitness watches.


Be More Conscious of Mental Health & Wellbeing

Sometimes focusing on your mental health and wellbeing is the basic foundation for creating healthy habits! For example, if becoming more active or going to the gym is your goal for 2023, having the right mindset in place prior to embarking on this new journey is very important. Your mental and physical health and so closely linked, without one you it's difficult to work on the other. 

So a reminder for yourself when the festive season comes to a close is it's not all about how you look in the mirror but also about how you feel. Mediation and Yoga are practices that have a scientific evidence proving their benefits to improving your overall mental health and mindset. Joining a class isn't the only option, you can always start at home to see if it works for you. Build an at home yoga studio by shopping our range here.


Aim to Eat More Healthily

After indulging eating your favourite Christmas treats over the festive season many people aim to get back into a good routine of eating more balanced meals. The key to a balanced diet isn't cutting out all 'bad' foods, it's about eating in moderation. Many people think eating "clean" comes with a ban on ever treating yourself but your resolution doesn't have to be like that. 

It's a simple as taking the time to cook for yourself more often, including more healthy foods into your diet like Fruit & Vegetables. It's so easy to integrate healthier choices into your daily routine, even switching out something with a low nutritional value for a piece of fruit or a fibre rich, slow releasing cereal bar. 

If you're in need of a boost of energy why not check out our range of slow releasing energy chews and hydration replacing Iso Tablets. Shop Nutrition here.


Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

It’s common knowledge that staying hydrated throughout the day is very important for your mind and body. Not only does staying hydrated secure a well-functioning body, by delivering nutrients, controlling temperature and preventing infections, it also increase concentration levels, improves mood and sleep quality.

Professionals advise that adults should drink 6-8 glasses of water each day and if you're doing strengnous activity or moderate exercise you need to account for this and top up on hydrating yourself sufficiently. One great way to keep track of your water intake is to use a reusable bottle, they're portable and a great incentive to keep drinking! Shop our range of Water Bottles at Greaves.


Make Time to Wind Down Before Sleep

Making physical resolutions for the new year is what most people choose to prioritise however to do this you need to be getting the right amount and a good quality sleep every night. If you struggle to get a good nights sleep, maybe it's time to focus some attention to your nightly routine to wind down before bed. 

One way of winding down is avoiding screen time in the hour before sleeping, the blue light our devices (Phones, Tablets etc) give off are a reason for keeping our brains active and unable to relax. Some find it helpful to leave their phone in the kitchen before bedtime.

Try reading a book instead, it tires the eyes and prepares us for sleep. Also as mentioned in the previous section keeping hydrated throughout the day can improve your sleep quality, so making a conscious effort to drink water in the hours before sleeping is a good way to replenish the body's nutrients.

A good night’s sleep helps your brain and body repair, helps your immune system stay strong and overall helps you to perform daily tasks in your day-to-day life. 

We wish you all the luck with your New Year's Resolutions! Here at Greaves we always want to encourage everyone to be their best self. Thinking of taking up a sport in 2024? Shop all Sports here!

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