The Great Scottish Run Post Recovery with Greaves

  • Each year, participants of the Great Scottish Run raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities
  • Across the Junior day on Saturday, the 10km Sunday, or half marathon Sunday, thousands of runners have taken to the streets of Glasgow. 
  • There will be a lot of sore legs!
  • Stop by Greaves Sports for your post-run needs (we offer click and collect to our store when you order online!)
  • We stock a range of foam rollers and massage guns to help with recovery
  • A HUGE congratulations to everyone taking part!

Recovering from the Great Scottish Run with Greaves

A massive congratulations to everyone who took part in the Great Scottish Run - whether you were running in one of the race events, helping set up, or handing water out along the way. Now you’ve crossed the finish line, you’ll have earned a treat or two, but it’s important to make sure your body, in particular your legs, get the recovery needed.

Immediately after distance running, lactic acid builds up in muscles which can cause cramps and strains which need to be managed or can become very painful. At Greaves, we have a range of sports recovery items to help ease your aches post race. Managing tiredness and soreness is the first step in getting back running and setting that next challenge post-Great Scottish Run.

Foam Rollers

A foam roller can ease muscles across the body and different muscle groups in the legs. “Rolling out” muscles breaks up lactic acid build-up and any forming knots. This helps to improve mobility and flexibility while helping break up crippling muscle tension. A foam roller has different grooves along the roller to highly target different muscle groups and ably relieve tension. Massage balls can be used similarly to treat pain and circulation. 

Compression Socks

Compression socks boost blood flow to muscles, which can improve performance during a run but also to speed up recovery afterwards. Designed to go over the foot and up to the knee, the compression on the calf improves circulation while retaining breathability. Locking the foot in place also helps to reduce blistering, making compression socks an excellent aid for post-race recovery on feet and calves.

Massage Guns

A massage gun works using vibrating pulses to simulate a massage on a targeted part of the body. This vibrating pulse reduces inflammation by pushing extracellular fluids out of muscle tissue to relax tight muscles and break up forming scar tissue on them. Using a massage gun can help to reduce tension on muscles, particularly after running a half marathon.

We stock a range of massage guns and attachments from some of the biggest brands in muscle recovery, including Pulseroll and Theragun.

Shop Sports Recovery & Race Recovery at Greaves

Crossing the finish line of any race is a great achievement, and everyone taking part should be really proud. Take care of the legs and feet that carried you over the finish line with a foam roller or massage gun from Greaves Sports. We offer free delivery on all orders over £75.

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Now, as you savor the victory and reflect on your achievement, it's time to give your hardworking legs the care they deserve. Take care of your body with Greaves Sports, your partner in post-race recovery. And remember, we offer convenient click and collect services, so your recovery gear is just a click away. Congratulations once again, and here's to many more victorious runs!

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