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  • R.M. Williams is a luxury provider of leather goods including boots, belts and clothing.
  • R.M. Williams originates from rural South Australia.
  • The brand was founded by and takes its name after Reginald Murray Williams.
  • R.M. Williams started out in modest circumstances, only to become one of Australia's most successful brands.
  • At Greaves, we supply a range of R.M. Williams boots and clothing such as trousers, belts, accessories and more!

The story of R.M. Williams

R.M. Williams is an Australian brand, specialising in the design and manufacturing of leather goods, like their iconic R.M. Williams boots, shoe care, leather belts, trousers and more. With a modest start in rural South Australia in 1932, the brand has grown to become an international sensation, backed by well-known celebrities like actor Hugh Jackman and Australian businessman Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest.

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Where did R.M. Williams originate from?

R.M. Williams was established in 1932 in rural South Australia and has consistently provided the highest quality leather goods like their iconic R.M. Williams leather boots, known and loved by many around the globe.

The brand's distinctively Australian look began to appeal to metropolitan figures, far beyond the Australian shores. Today, the long-lasting RM Williams boots can be found worn not just at rural outback stations but also in the high-rise offices in Sydney, New York and London. Available in a range of designs, shapes and finishes, these leather boots still continue to adhere to the same principles established by RM himself back in 1932.

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What does R.M. Williams stand for?

The R.M. Williams brand was named after its founder Reginald Murray Williams, and has kept to tradition ever since. The iconic R.M. Williams boots are designed to give you close support under the arch and are curved to match the shape of your heel.

R.M. Williams is considered a practical, luxury brand. Each boot produced goes through 80 manual processes in a single piece of leather. The brand is highly popular with distinguished personalities, city dwellers, and even politicians.

What is so good about R.M. Williams boots? These boots are made from exceptional quality leather, offering superb comfort even when worn for prolonged periods of time. The materials create a balance of style with incredible durability and longevity. With a higher price point, they don’t just look great but also last a long time and age remarkably well.

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