Choosing the Right Hockey Stick

  • The average hockey stick size for an adult is 36.5” long but adult sticks can be sized up to 38.5”
  • Defensive players or midfield players typically prefer to use a longer stick
  • Offensive players usually prefer a shorter stick for closer ball control and sharper movement
  • On average, a hockey stick should come up to approximately the top of the hip bone
  • Always consider the length, weight, & composition of the stick when purchasing a new hockey stick


Which Hockey Stick is Right For Me?

Whether you are a newcomer to field hockey or a seasoned veteran, it is very important that you play with the right hockey stick for you. The average adult player uses a stick approximately 36.5” in length, however the correct size and weight of a hockey stick can depend on the position that you play, and can impact on the skills you can perform. Add to this that hockey sticks can come in a variety of materials, it’s always best to be sure the hockey stick you buy is right for you.


What Size of Hockey Stick Should I Use?

The size of your hockey stick is crucial in playing; too short and you can miss a tackle, too long and you will misplace passes. Having close control is important in performing skills, accurate passing, and all around ball control in hockey. Read our guide on finding the right hockey stick guide


How Heavy Should My Hockey Stick Be?

Typically, field hockey sticks weigh between 535 and 560 grams. Largely, the selection of a heavier or lighter stick is down to the player, however the weight can impact skills and abilities in different ways. A heavy hockey stick is usually between 550 and 560 grams, and can help a player generate more power in hits. Heavier sticks are also more durable to sustain that added power. Light hockey sticks, from 535g to 550g, are more suited to trickier players, aiding quick wrist movement for smoother skills with your hockey stick.

When playing outdoors, a heavier hockey stick is more effective, with a thicker toe being useful for bigger fields or where weather conditions could play an impact, such as winds or wet fields.

Which Material is Better?

Hockey sticks are most popularly constructed using either a carbon weave, wood, Kevlar / aramid, or fibreglass weave. Much like the size and weight of a hockey stick, the composition of the stick can impact the style and functionality for a player.

  • Carbon hockey sticks are more firm and durable, meaning a higher carbon composite allows for stiffer contact and greater power generation
  • Fibreglass is another durable and strengthening material used in some hockey sticks, often alongside carbon to reinforce and aid power in hits
  • Kevlar / Aramid is an advancement on fibreglass weave sticks. Often used in bullet proof vests, Aramid sticks are reinforced through the shaft and head for higher power and durability

    How to Choose the Right Hockey Stick For You

    Warming up for the new hockey season, make sure you are prepared with a new hockey stick. Choose the right size of stick for your height, and the right composition to help maximise your own ability on the field. Do you require more power, or more finesse? More accuracy, or more control in difficult conditions? Consider your own skill level and make sure you choose the right hockey stick for you.

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    Greaves also offer a jnr hockey stick range that is more fitted for young players to develop basic skills and special features that assist with hand movements. 

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