What Is Padel?


Despite only rising in popularity in recent years, Padel was invented in 1969 in Mexico and is not too dissimilar to Platform tennis from the early 1900s. Padel is played in doubles and combines rules and gameplay aspects of Tennis and Squash, making it a great middle-ground for lovers of all racquet sports.

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How Do You Play Padel?

Padel is always played in doubles. The point begins when the first person serves the ball. The ball must bounce one in the opposing court before hitting the back wall. If the ball hits the wall without bouncing, you lose the point.

The game is scored exactly like tennis, using the 15, 30, 40, deuce and advantage system. There are 6 games in a set, and once you win 2 sets, you win the match.

What Are The Rules of Padel?

  1. Serving must be done with both feet behind the line when the ball is hit, your feet can cross the line as long as contact has already been made with the ball.
  2. When serving, you must contact the ball from waist height or below with an underhand swing.
  3. The ball must bounce on the opposing court before hitting the back wall

Points are scored if:

  1. The ball bounces twice on the opposite side
  2. An opponent is hit with the ball
  3. An opponent hits the ball onto their own side
  4. The ball is hit outside the padel court area by an opposing player
  5. The ball is hit into the net by an opposing player.
  6. An opposing player gets a double fault

What Equipment Do I Need To Play Padel?

1. A Padel Racquet

Padel Racquets are smaller and feature multiple holes on the face to help you swing it through the air with less resistance.

Our new Head range of racquets are fantastically easy to play with and ensure great stability in your hand upon impact.

2. Padel Balls

Padel balls are very similar to Tennis balls, however, they have a smaller diameter, due to having a smaller internal pressure compared to Tennis balls. This difference in pressure causes Padel balls to have a slightly smaller maximum bounce than their Tennis cousin.

3. A Padel Bag

Padel bags, like bags for any sport, make it 10x easier to carry your racquet and balls around as well as any dedicated shoes you have for the match.

The new Babolat RH team is the most versatile bag in our range capable of holding everything you need for the perfect match.

4. Shoes

As Padel becomes increasingly popular, more manufacturers are getting involved in making a dedicated Padel shoe.

Certain types of Tennis shoes, such as those designed for clay courts, can be perfect for providing the grip required for fast movements around the Padel court.

Padel is great for anyone wanting to get involved in a new racquet sport that combines 2 of the most popular games today. Get a grip on the rules, explore our full range of Padel gear, grab some friends and try it out for yourself.

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