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What is a Laceless Football Boot?

A laceless football boot is exactly as it sounds - a football boot without laces. They are developed to be slipped on and play, wrapping around the foot like a sock with the weight and protection of a boot. There are benefits and drawbacks to this approach, both aesthetic and in performance.

The History of Laceless Football Boots

Many point to Lotto being the first to introduce laceless football boots into the market back in 2006 with the Zhero Gravity model. It took a further 10 years for adidas to start developing models without laces. Now, you’ll find most top brands with laceless models, including New Balance and Puma.

Shopping Around Laceless Football Boots

Laceless football boots are becoming more and more popular with players of all levels and ages. Yes, there’s the obvious benefit of not having to stop to tie your laces mid-game (not great for those who do it to time-waste…). We explore the pros and cons of laceless football boots to help you make the best decision when shopping for new boots.

Benefits of Laceless Football Boots

  • No laces increases the surface area to strike a ball without laces or material interfering with contact. This is thought to increase control and feel when on the ball.
  • Removing the bulk of laces and holding material means the boot should be lighter and reduces the bulk
  • Laceless boots are also more convenient - slipping on easily with minimal fuss and less down time during a game

Drawbacks of Wearing Laceless Football Boots

  • Laceless football boots are typically “one size fits all” as the sock-like fit means boots are manufactured to suit a certain type of foot. These boot types aren’t ideal for players with wider or flatter feet.
  • Laceless boots can also tend to be more expensive - less material, but the innovative tech can drive a higher price.

Should You Buy Laceless Football Boots?

Whether or not your football boots have laces is not the most important aspect to consider when buying new boots. Always make sure the boot type matches the surface you play on, so you’re using an AG boot on an astro surface for example. Secondly, you need to consider the shape and feel of your boot with the type of material you prefer. You’ll be wearing them for 90 minutes every week after all.

Laceless Football Boots at Greaves

If you have the right boot for grass or astro turf, and you have the shape and model you desire, then by all means make your decision on laced or laceless football boots. The purists might tell you that laces should be here to stay, but as technology and innovation improves (and for the stylish ones amongst you) laceless football boots are certainly here to stay.

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We stock a range of laceless football boots from top brands such as adidas, New Balance, and Puma. If you aren’t sold on going laceless, you will find our huge range of laced football boots online and in-store to your liking, with hundreds of styles, colours, and models available.

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