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What To Look For Choosing New Football Boots

Wearing the wrong type of football boots for the surface you play on can be dangerous, and result in nasty injuries to yourself or others. When choosing new football boots, it is important to consider whether you are buying the right pair for your playing field. There are significant differences between playing on grass and artificial grass for example. Your football boot must be suitable for the turf to help with grip and traction. Without this, your control can be significantly hampered which can not only have a negative effect on your performance, but is also an on-pitch health risk.

adidas football boots on ag surface

Understanding the Terms Used When Buying New Football Boots

There are loads of different terms and styles intended to help you choose the right football boots for you. Typically, football boot manufacturers create the same boot but with different soles which account for these terms based on the designed playable surface. There are many types of surface commonly used when making football boots, including firm ground, soft ground, and artificial ground football boots.

Popular 5-a-side football operators like Power League and Goals may require you to wear a certain type of football boot when playing football.

 FG FG means “Firm Ground” and studs are usually moulded into the football boot for more give and are typically longer than AG studs. FG/AG boots are suitable on both artificial surface styles
ideal for: Dry or hardened grass, or grass which is a little wet. Can be used on 3G or 4G artificial grass pitches but not recommended.
unsuitable for: Blaze astro pitches, indoor courts, or wet, muddy, or marshy grass pitches
SG SG are “Soft Ground” and are boots with screw in studs made for strong grip
ideal for: Grass pitches that are wet or muddy
unsuitable for: Harder grass pitches, any artificial grass pitch, blaze, or indoor pitches
AG AG stands for “Artificial Grass” and covers your typical astro turf, 3g, 4g football pitches. AG/FG football boots can be used on all artificial grass or astro turf surfaces

IN are indoor boots for use in sports halls, ideal for Futsal players. Soles are non-marking and limited slip to allow quick movement and high pace


TF are Turf boots are suitable for astro turf, but also usable on concrete surfaces such as urban cage football courts

Does the Ground Type Affect the Football Boot Model?

The technology and stud composition for football boots is high quality across most major brands - whether you are looking for Nike football boots or a specific Adidas Predator model. When shopping for a particular model, football boots will be identical aside from the FG / AG you see in the name. The boot won’t differ in features across the different ground types; it is only the sole of the boot affected. 

Using a FG football boot on a harder grass pitch is ideal, however using these boots on an astro turf pitch might mean the studs don’t enter the pitch as well or as cleanly. This would mean if you’re running on longer studs not entering the ground, you’re running on top of the studs without the grip in the ground - this hugely increases the chance of slipping and hurting yourself or others badly. 

Some of the Best Firm Ground Football Boots 

Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite

Puma Future Z

Adidas Predator Edge

Some of the Best Soft Ground Football Boots

Puma King Pro 21

Adidas World Cup

Adidas Predator Freak

Some of the Best Artificial Grass Football Boots

Adidas Predator Freak


Nike Vapor 14 Pro

Pantofola d'Oro Lazzarini Vitello 2.0

Shop Greaves for Your New Football Boots

Whether you’re brand loyal to only Adidas football boots, wouldn’t be seen without traditional black Puma Kings, or you like the flare and design of the Nike Mercurial, it’s important to get the studs and soles right for the surface you play. It isn’t just a matter of keeping yourself and other safe, it’s great for your performance too! If you have better grip, you can move more quickly with or without the ball, giving you confidence on the pitch.

We specialise in football boots and other sports where gait analysis, pronunciation of the foot, and movement are integral. If you’re unsure what boots best meet your needs, come into the store and our friendly team will be happy to help guide you to the best football boot for your needs.


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