Top Tips for Being Safe When Running in Dark or At Night

The shorter nights mean more people are relying on running in the dark to keep fit. While running at night can have benefits, difficulty seeing your surroundings and hazardous underfoot conditions can make it more risky. From unseen branches on pavements to feeling unsafe in shadowy parks, it is important that anyone, male or female, feels safe and stays safe when running.

We’ve put together our top tips for keeping safe when running at night this Winter:

Avoid Loud Music

Music is a great motivator when exercising, but it can impact your ability to hear your surroundings, even if specific running headphones. Try running without earbuds to keep attuned to your surroundings. If you need music, a bone conduction set of headphones from Shokz can help you listen to music whilst hearing what’s around you.

Run Against Traffic

When running on pavements, run with cars coming towards you. This gives cars more opportunity to see you. Cars travelling from behind may not see you as quickly and have less time to react.

Run Safe Roads

With less visibility, roads prone to accidents become even more dangerous. Stay safe and stick to main roads.

Stay Visible When Running - Be Sure Traffic Can See You

Cars passing by or cyclists using pavements need to be able to see you to avoid you. Running in dark clothing will blend you into dark surroundings, meaning other road or pavement users have less time to see you and react.

Wear Reflective & Visible Clothing

Reflective running clothing works to illuminate when struck by lighting such as a car’s headlights. This makes you clearly visible to road users. Running shorts, leggings, or tops can all come in reflective colours for night running. A running jacket can also be worn to help with the probable rainy weather. Some running vests also have reflective panels. 

Use Running Lights

Running lights can be attached to clothing or worn as accessories such as on the wrist, arm or head to light up paths. Such running lights are ideal for running in parks where there could be debris from trees or leaves.

Run a Well Lit Route

From a personal safety standpoint as well as being aware of surroundings, it is always best practice to stick to well lit routes you know. Going down a dark alley without full senses on who, or what, is around is very dangerous.

Keep Your Phone With You

Many runners choose not to run with phones due to size, weight, and value, however they can be essential in keeping you safe which is most important. A specially designed running vest can securely hold your phone and keys, as well as support reflective panels or lighting for safety. Some running apps can monitor your run live so friends and family can track and find you if needed. Most importantly though, your phone allows you to call for help if you need it.

Run With a Friend or as Part of a Group

There is always security in running in numbers, whether you slip on debris on the pavement or feel uncomfortable running alone. Running with a friend is great motivation but also an excellent safety measure to keep protected when running at night.

Trust Your Instincts When Running at Night

Always trust your instincts when running in the dark. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, stick to a main road with your phone to hand and move to a populated place. At Greaves, we stock running clothing and running accessories like running vests to help you run at night, but the most important thing is your safety so follow our tips and trust yourself.

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