The Benefits of Football Grip Socks And How To Use Them

  • Football grip socks reduce the movement of the foot in a football boot, improving comfort and performance
  • Many professionals footballers wear grip socks for better grip and comfort in football boots
  • Grip socks typically go under your cut football socks
  • Typically, football grip socks can last anywhere from 6-12 months



What Are Football Grip Socks?

Football grip socks are a specialised pair of socks with dimpled soles which “grip” into the sole of your football boot. The grip contact between the sock and the football boot is designed to reduce movement of the foot within the football boot. In reactive sports such as football, where turning, balance, and acceleration in a step are so quick, that split second of responsiveness can be very important.

Think of a tyre on a road - if there is no tread, your car is far more likely to skid. Grip socks have a tread which helps to grip your football boot.

Do Football Grip Socks Really Work?

The benefits of football grip socks are predominantly;

  • Increased responsiveness and reaction time
  • Foot comfort and blister reduction

Many professional footballers opt to use grip socks nowadays, benefitting from the added comfort and reactiveness they provide. As well as the high performance benefit, football grip socks also aid in sweat reduction and blister prevention. Grip socks can help reduce friction between the sole of the foot and bottom of the boot which can cause discomfort or blistering. This can be painful when moving and impacts on performance.

Picking the Best Football Grip Socks

Investing in a good quality pair of grip socks is definitely worthwhile. The best grip socks should repel moisture to limit sweat absorption which can cause rashes and blistering. Tread should be profound on the bottom of the sock to fit snugly inside a boot, generating high security with coolness. At Greaves, we stock some of the best available brands of football grip socks available, including VYPR 5, Falke, and TapeDesign.

Grip socks will typically last between 6 and 12 months based on use, wear, & tear. Once the grip loses stickiness, it becomes less effective and the sock should be replaced.

How to Cut Football Socks for Grip Socks

Professional and amateur footballers “cut” their football socks in order to wear grip socks securely alongside a full football kit.

The best way to do this is to cut your football socks into a “footless sleeve”:

  • Cut around the ankle with scissors along a line free of stitches or ribs. Cutting along stitches or ribs in the football sock will lead to fraying of the sock. Pull your grip socks up around mid-calf height, and pull your cut football socks down over your shin guards, over the grip sock.
  • You can then use football sock tape to keep the sock in place alongside your shin guard.

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Football grip socks can make a big improvement to your game. From new football boots to the latest football kits, we are specialists in all things football. Shop online and receive free delivery on all orders over £75, or take advantage of our click and collect service at our flagship Glasgow sports shop.

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