The Benefits Of Trail Running


What is Trail Running?

If you find yourself bored of the busy city or tired of the same old running route, trail running could be for you – a fantastic way to explore new paths and expand your run. Trail running helps you forget about pace and mileage, so you can focus on the journey and not the destination.

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What are the benefits of trail running?

Running on trails requires your body to work in a more versatile way. When it comes to your body, running can have quite an impact on your joints. Most trail running surfaces are softer and better for your joints, helping to absorb some of the impact.

During a trail run, you encounter obstacles and challenges to adapt to, this means you have to change your gait and the length of your steps to suit the surface you’re on. It can be a good way for you to work on your balance and strengthen muscle groups that may not have been used before.

What are Trail Running Shoes?

Grabbing a pair of dedicated trail running shoes helps you get more traction and stability when running over rough surfaces. They are also better at protecting your feet from sharp rocks and other potentially dangerous obstacles out on the trail.

Trail running shoes are different from road running shoes, to be able to support your feet’s needs on different terrain, they offer a few distinct features:

  • Grippy outsoles
  • Better rigidity for uneven terrain support
  • A stiffer midsole to protect from sharp rocks
  • Designed for better stability
  • Less cushioning for softer grounds
  • Reinforced toe protection

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Discover Trail Running at Greaves

Whether you have your eyes on the prize and are looking to ace a trail race, or just looking to switch up your running routine, try out trail running - a great way to explore new paths and challenge your body in different ways.

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