Royal Mail Delays During the UCI World Cycling Championships

The prestigious UCI World Cycling Championships in Glasgow will be an exhilarating spectacle for sports enthusiasts worldwide. However, amidst the excitement of the competition, there have been unintended impacts on everyday life here in Glasgow.

One such issue is the unexpected delays faced by Royal Mail during this mega event as Glasgow City Council close off access around the city’s G1 - G5 postcode areas.

The UCI World Cycling Championships and Glasgow's Vibrant Atmosphere

Glasgow, the vibrant and culturally rich city of Scotland, has welcomed the UCI World Cycling Championships with open arms. The streets will be filled with passionate fans while the city's landmarks serve as picturesque backdrops to this exciting event. The championship has undeniably brought a sense of pride and enthusiasm to both locals and visitors alike.

The Unexpected Impact on Royal Mail

With thousands of spectators flooding the city, the UCI World Cycling Championships will undoubtedly cause significant logistical challenges for Glasgow's infrastructure. The influx of tourists and the closure of certain streets and roads to accommodate the cycling routes have led to unavoidable disruptions in the mail delivery network.

To ensure the smooth operation of the UCI World Cycling Championships, the city's resources have been temporarily redirected towards the event's success. With limited access & impact on resources during the championships, the handling and processing of mail will experience delays.

Delivery Impact Dates

Unfortunately, as Royal Mail will be unable to arrange & organise orders, there will be delivery impacts for our customers. Any orders placed on the following dates can’t be dispatched until Wednesday the 9th of August.

  • Wednesday 2nd August (PM)
  • Thursday 3rd August
  • Friday 4th August
  • Saturday 5th August
  • Sunday 6th August
  • Monday 7th August
  • Tuesday 8th August

Temporary Impact For a Lasting Sporting Legacy

The UCI World Cycling Championships will undoubtedly bring joy and excitement to Glasgow, showcasing the city's allure to a global audience, and cementing the sporting success our city is known for. Despite the temporary impact on the Royal Mail, the passion for sports will continue to unite people in Scotland & worldwide. We appreciate these delays are an inconvenience, and appreciate our customers understanding during this time.

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