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The Step-by-step Process of Racket Restringing

The racket restringing process can be done on tennis, badminton and squash rackets and usually takes around 40-45 minutes. Here is the process involved in the racket restringing process:

1. Check the frame and grommets

First of all before any restringing happens, the frame and grommets on the racket need to be checked over, this is to ensure the frame shows no signs of breakage and to check if any grommets need replacing.

2. Now the frame needs to be set up with the H-piece

The H-piece distributes the pressure put on the racket whilst it's in the machine.

3. Finish the main strings

Now to finish the main strings, a double loop knot will be tied to ensure they stay in place and the tension is held.

4. Start the cross strings

The next step is starting the (knot) Cross strings, first a knot is tied then the weaving of the first string is done. The tension for the cross strings is then set so the frame can return to its original shape.

5. The weaving process

Once the tension is set to the correct weight, the weaving can begin. This is done in a curved path to reduce friction between the strings and prevent damage.

6. Finishing touches

To finish the stringing process another double loop knot is tied and the excess string is cut.

7. Test the sound

Finally the sound of the racket is tested and it’s ready to be used!

Reasons for racket restringing 

There are multiple reasons for restringing your racket, the most common are; if you break a string, you’re looking to customise your racket based on your play style or if you purchase an unstrung racket. 

Why would you want to customise your racket?

Some people might like to adapt their racket to their own play style. Depending on what string you choose and what tension your racket is set to this will affect how your racket will perform. There are 3 main types of string;

  • Power - strings suited for powerful play are usually thinner and will fray more easily. Suited to players that favour playing from the rear court or those looking to play more attacks.
  • Control - strings for controlled play are thicker than a power string and are useful for players looking to play tight net shots.
  • Durability - strings suited to durability are the thickest and have balanced power and control qualities, commonly used by beginner to intermediate players.

Our Service

If you want to customise how your racket performs when you play, simply bring your racquet into store and request our restringing service (String sold separately). We offer 2 timeframe services:

  • 48 Hour service - £15
  • 24 Hour service - £20
We offer a wide verity of power, control and durable string in-store from major brands Yonex, Babolat, Wilson and more!

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