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It can be confusing when trying to choose the right kids football boots for your child throughout the school year. With many younger children playing indoors throughout the autumn and winter months, studded boots can’t be used. As the weather improves, schools and clubs are beginning to move sports outdoors to grass and artificial turf football pitches. While indoor footwear can be used on outdoor fields, it is not the safest or best option for performance.

The wrong footwear can increase the risk of slips and falls, leading to injury to your child or others. Any contact sport carries a risk of injury, but the right footwear can help limit this risk. We help many parents to find the best football boot for their child each year, so feel free to ask our experts online or in-store.

The Cost of Kids Football Boots

Of course, children’s feet grow quickly, so parents need to look for the right boots at reasonable prices. Many of the biggest brands like Nike or adidas football boots create versions similar to adult ones minus some features to keep costs down. This means your child can feel like Messi or Ronaldo without as big an outlay.

Leather boots are typically more expensive, but will stretch around the foot more as they are worn. Synthetic boots tend to be cheaper however won’t stretch so may not last as long.

The Difference Between SG, AG and FG Football Boots

Like adult versions, kids football boots come in various types based on studs & soles. Each version is referred to by different names. You’ll see “SG”, “AG” or “FG” in football boot titles and descriptions, as a quick guide:

  • SG = Soft ground. Best for grass pitches that are wet or muddy. Not advised for artificial grass pitches as the studs can catch and lead to injury or damage to the surface.
  • AG = Artificial Grass. Perfect for typical 3G / 4G artificial grass surfaces. Can also be used on grass, will provide slightly less grip than SG or wet / soft grass.
  • FG = Firm ground. Ideal for dry or hard grass. Can be used on artificial grass surfaces but not the best.

If you’re not sure what’s best, ask the club or school what surface is used most. If it’s grass, look for SG or FG when buying. If it’s artificial (3G or 4G) then look for AG. Artificial grass is the most common nowadays due to easier pitch maintenance, and your kid’s AG Football boots can also be used on grass for the occasional away match or tournament.

Kids Football Boots Sizing

Picking the right size of kids football boots is different to choosing trainers. Of course, you will be mindful of the short term growth, however other factors should be taken into consideration when sizing a boot.

  • When trying on football boots, do it with socks and shin guards, as if about to start a game. This will help gauge size and room in the boot.
  • Be wary of width - a football boot should be snug at the sides to avoid sliding.
  • It’s ok to go a slightly longer size to allow for growth

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If you are at all unsure on buying kids football boots, our friendly team is always on hand to help in store or online. We have a 28 days return policy to help ensure you get the right type of football boots for your kids.

With a huge range of kids Nike football boots and adidas kids football boots to choose from for your little Messi or Ronaldo (or Andy Robertson with World Cup qualifiers coming!) we have the right kids football boots for you.

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