How Greaves Is Becoming More Sustainable

  • At Greaves, we are committed to improving our sustainability practices and helping our planet
  • Recycle your old sports equipment at our Glasgow sports store
  • When you make a purchase in-store, we are now using paper bags to reduce our plastic use
  • Deliveries from our online store will be delivered in recyclable packaging
  • Together, we can make a difference in helping our planet


Sustainability Online and In-Store at Greaves

At Greaves, we are committed to doing more to reduce our carbon footprint and to develop more sustainable practices to help our planet. Through our website, we work with partners who support carbon removal across our delivery network, and actively track our progress on emissions removal and carbon-neutral deliveries.

Read more about how we are developing better working practices to improve sustainability within our store.

Recycling In Store

We believe in a circular economy - that goods once used can be recycled and help become the next generation of products. At our flagship Glasgow sports store, you can find our recycling areas where old sports clothes and footwear can be donated to become a future generation of sportswear, drastically reducing waste.

Using Recyclable Packaging Online

As well as the carbon reduction and carbon removal through our delivery partners online, we are transitioning from plastic and we aim that in the near future all orders from Greaves will be dispatched in recyclable packaging.

No more plastic waste - you can place your packaging directly in home recycling bins once your order is received.

In Store: From Plastic to Paper Bags

When purchasing in store, we now offer paper bags for those customers who wish to have a bag for their goods. Paper bags decompose much more quickly than plastic and are far more recyclable. A plastic bag can take between 400 and 1,000 years to decompose. By cutting down waste today, we can protect our environment in the future.

Sustainability at Greaves Sports

Without our planet - there are no football pitches, no basketball courts, no gyms - no life. Every little we can do to help combat climate change is a step towards preserving our planet. At Greaves Sports, we are committed to reducing our impact on our environment, and preserving a planet for sports for generations to come.

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