Getting Ready for the Return to Pre Season Football Training


Preseason Football Training Key Points:

  • Preseason for professional and amateur players typically starts in late June
  • Nutrition and recovery are vital for getting the most from training
  • Cones and other training aids can boost training and drill quality, adding variety to conditioning and fitness schedules
  • It’s always important to stay hydrated when doing conditioning and fitness work

Whatever level you play at, football training is important to establish and maintain levels of fitness and sharpness for football - as with any sport. Pre season training is the foundation for this fitness, conditioning, and strength.

Back to Training

The time between one season ending and the next means holidays, good food, and a break from training and playing - so it’s always expected pre-season football training can be gruelling! From nutrition and recovery to using the right equipment, it’s important to take care of your body and allow your muscles to build up to get to the optimum level for your next season kicking off.

Football Cones & Training Aids

Many players like to get out running to get started in preseason, however where more fitness and conditioning drills are introduced to a preseason football training programme, cones and aids can be instrumental in variety and success of drills.

Every player has used saucer cones as markers before. Our saucer cones are available in a variety of colours. Depending on the type of drill, a taller traffic cone could be beneficial for setting goal points and off-ground movement drills. Our Precision football training pack contains all you need for that pre-season return.

For smaller game scenarios or team based conditioning drills, we also stock a variety of kids and adults bibs.

Football Training Recovery

That first run or bleep test in preseason won’t be kind. Your legs will be like jelly the next day no doubt; tightening up and cramping even just through the most basic tasks.

A foam roller can help to target nagging muscle pains and knots, and is ideal for both post and pre exercise to loosen tightened muscles. Foam rollers are also useful for faster recovery and to help improve flexibility and mobility through deep tissue therapy.

Other forms of deep tissue therapy which can help relieve muscle soreness and knots around training are massage guns. We stock a range of Therabody massage guns, including the Theragun Pro and Theragun Elite. Massage guns, looking a bit like a drill, can operate at different speeds with different detachable heads to better target and suit specific muscle groups, stimulating the muscle fibres and increasing tissue metabolism. This helps muscle repair more strongly after training.

theragun pro massage gun

Muscle Tape & Support

You must always be careful when carrying injuries into any training, or where you are recovering from injuries and returning to training. Kinesiology tape can be beneficial where a muscle group is inflamed, helping to ease blood flow and lymphatic fluid to improve circulation and support injured muscles. This means you can protect injured muscle groups while still being free to move and participate in training.

Joints as well as muscles also come under increased pressure, especially when you have not trained for some time. Knees, ankle, wrists, and backs are susceptible to strain and require additional support to continue training through recovery. Bioskin supports provide pain relief and support for athletes and are particularly useful during injury rehabilitation as you rebuild injuries post surgery.

New Football Boots

You’ve put in the blood, sweat, and tears through preseason. You’ve swore at your conditioning coaches, you’ve abstained from high calorie and high sugar treats. All to get ready for kicking off that new season. You’ve put in the hard yards, so now enjoy the benefits in style - and what is more stylish than a new pair of football boots.

Check out our range of new football boots ahead of the new season, featuring some of the biggest and best boot manufacturers in the market such as adidas, Nike, Puma, and New Balance. New boots can bring blisters if you are not used to them - so getting the right size and the right boot for your surface is important. Blisters can be caused by friction between the sole of the foot at the boot, with a sock acting like a friction pad. Football grip socks are an ideal way of limiting friction when in movement.

If you are unsure about what the best boot for the surface you play on is, we have a helpful guide to give you some advice on FG, SG, AG boots and all you need to know.

Pre Season Ready

The first step back to preseason football training is always a hard one, and making sure you have the right recovery from games or training sessions is extremely important. Foam rollers and massage guns can offer excellent muscle repair and care benefits, while supports and tape can bring confidence in injury management and rehabilitation. Shop our full range of football recovery, training aids & supports, and football boots today.


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