Introducing the Fussballliebe - The Official UEFA Euro 2024 Match Ball

From one adidas match football to another…. Scotland brought the curtain down on a hugely successful men’s Euro 2024 qualifying campaign with an eventful 3-3 draw against Norway at Hampden. Although qualification was sealed months before, it was a fitting end to a campaign that has captivated the country, and as the tifo said, “We’ll Be Coming”.

The tournament itself is approaching fast. Hosted across Germany after Euro 2020’s round-the-continent celebration, it’s a 2nd Euros tournament in a row for Scotland. All eyes will be on whether Scotland’s impressive campaign and recent run can help get us out of the group for the first time. As expectancy and excitement grows, adidas have now released the new match football that will be used for Euro 2024; the Fussballliebe.

Crafted with precision and innovation, the Euro 2024 League boxed Fussballliebe football is more than just a sphere of leather and stitching; it's a symbol of the passion and dedication that define the beautiful game. As Scotland prepares to compete on the European stage once again, we’re all hoping this exceptional ball will be firing us to footballing history and the knockout stages.

The Fussballliebe Pro boasts cutting-edge technology that elevates its performance to unprecedented levels. Designed for optimal aerodynamics, this ball guarantees players unrivalled control and accuracy on the pitch, ensuring that every pass, shot, and header is executed with precision. FIFA Quality Pro certification ensures this size 5 football is approved for match use. The Fussballliebe also comes in various other styles & sizes, including a training size 5 football and a mini football for younger kids.

With exceptional, captivating design, the Fussballliebe’s sleek design incorporates the iconic Euro 2024 logo, proudly representing the unity of European nations in the pursuit of footballing glory. The bold colour scheme reflects the vibrancy and energy of the tournament, with graphics drawing inspiration from 24 participating nations to inspire the unity and sense of wonder UEFA and Europe strive to achieve.

As the best teams in Europe get ready to compete for glory, pick up the adidas Fussballliebe official Euro 2024 match ball and get ready to be part of the action. Shop match footballs at Greaves Sports and earn exclusive loyalty points as part of our free-to-join Greaves Gold rewards scheme.

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