Getting And Staying Fit With Golf


Golf is a fantastic sport in that you don’t need peak fitness to excel or enjoy, but the fitter you are, the better you will feel during and after you play. An average walk around a golf course is around 7 miles, all while putting strain on hips, backs, arms, and hamstrings when swinging your clubs. There’s a reason most golfers spend so much time in the gym when not on the course or range!

Playing over time will of course help you strengthen the core muscles however recovery and training between games will help speed this up and care for the strain on your joints and muscles.

Stretching Before You Play Golf

Before Your Round:

You want to be loose and flexible, with your muscles activated and ready to swing. Practice swings alone when cold won’t help ease you in. Stretch dynamically by swinging each leg back and forth in a kicking motion for 10 reps. Rotate your hips, holding your elbow across behind your head, before placing a club behind your back and swivelling. These will help warm up your key muscles for playing.

After Your Round:

Many people don’t feel they need to warm down after playing a round, however the physical exertion when playing is far less moderate than people can assume and requires management. Long hold stretches of your calves and hamstrings will relieve any stresses or strains your muscles have incurred.

Carrying Your Clubs Around the Course


Golf courses are long. Golf courses can be steep. Golf courses can be wet and heavy. Carrying a heavy bag of clubs on top of the length walk and playing the game can be tough. But it’s fantastic exercise. If you’re keen to walk and want to limit the weight, there are many lightweight golf bags available with built-in stands for between shots.

Golf Trolleys:

If you do not feel able to walk around the course with your bag, a golf trolley is a great option. You can still benefit from the physical exertion of carting your bag around without the added weight and strain. There are even motorised golf carts available to take the load off even more.

Golf is a game of endurance, and although walking or even trolleying your bag around may not seem palatable, it does have great physical benefits.

Snacking & Hydrating During Your Round of Golf

If you’re playing a full 18 hole round, you’re going to be out for hours. The physical exertion and time investment mean you must stay hydrated and energised when playing. You should always look to eat a lean meal before playing, however complex carbohydrates for the back 9 can help give you the energy you need deeper in your round. Bran bars or bananas are an ideal addition to your golf bag to help you through.

Always keep hydrated when you’re playing - keep a bottle of water in your bag and drink plenty between holes.

Recovery After Playing Golf

The physical impact of your round may not feel apparent until the next day, but your body undergoes considerable strain during a round of golf. If you are sore after playing, ice affected areas for a short time, this will help your muscles recover. Compression socks are a good idea if your legs feel strained after the walking. Ibuprofen can help reduce swelling if required also. Stretch after playing, and don’t over-do it if you notice an issue, as playing through pain will only cause longer-term damage.

Training The Right Muscles For Golf in the Gym

Pros are always in the gym. Don’t expect your gym commitment to take you to the PGA Tour, but it definitely will help your game! Your back, hamstrings, hips and chest, and arms (biceps and forearms) will be tested when playing 18 holes. By training these muscles in the gym, you can build up strength to last longer and retain more power when playing the later holes. Exercises like squats, lunges, planks, and sit-ups can help build core muscle strength.

The stronger the muscles, the more powerful and functional your swing is. The better the swing, the more accurate you are and greater distances achieved. The longer and more accurate you are, the lower your score. The lower your score? The bigger the bragging rights.

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