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After launching our brand new Golf store, we thought, why stop there? Introducing Greaves Country & Outdoor! A brand new section of our website dedicated to bringing you the best country and outdoor clothing we can offer our customers.

Browse the latest and greatest country and outdoor brands including Barbour, Filson, Ariat, R.M Williams and more stocking everything you need to explore the countryside in any weather.

If you're looking for Barbour Jackets, Wellington Boots, Gilets, or even a Barbour Quilted Dog coat then look no further than Greaves Country and Outdoor!

How Does It Work?

The Country & Outdoor section is very much a part of our main website. Once you are on our Outdoor section you will see a specific menu at the top of the page split out into easy-to-navigate categories, making mens clothing, women's accessories and quality pet products only a couple of clicks away.

Your cart is saved whether you are on our main Sports site or the Country & Outdoor section, meaning you can add any products from both to your cart and checkout everything in one swift process.


How do I get to Greaves Country & Outdoor?

Simply click on the 'Outdoors' logo at the top left of the page to navigate to the Outdoors section. Click the Greaves Sports logo to navigate back to the main site - it's that simple!

Can I buy both outdoor and other sports products at the same time?

Of course! Greaves Country & Outdoor is part of our main sports site. One site means you have one cart. You can add products from our country and outdoor range, go back to our sports site or our golf site, continue shopping our wide range of other sports and check out everything at once.

Also, your Greaves rewards points still work as normal!

Will my products be shipped together if I buy products from Greaves Sports & Greaves Country & Outdoor?

Yes! All the products we offer in our Outdoors section are the same great products we have always served (with some great new additions), meaning nothing is changing as to how and when your products are shipped.

Our goal with Greaves country and outdoor was to bring lovers of the outdoors even closer to the brands they love as well. From Barbour to R.M. Williams, explore our new Country & Outdoor store and begin exploring the great outdoors.

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