How To Choose a Cricket Bat That’s Best For You


Choosing your new cricket bat can be a daunting task. From measuring the right size to picking the right type & grade of wood used to make it, there is a lot of information to process and decide on. We’ve picked out some of the key factors you should consider when shopping around. Still unsure? Head into our Glasgow sports store and our knowledgeable team can help you find the right cricket bat for you.

Having the right cricket bat won’t make you the best cricket player, but it will give you the best chance to improve your abilities and perform at a better level.

Make Sure You Pick The Right Cricket Bat Size

Picking the right cricket bat size depends on your height. Ranging from size 0 to 6 for kids & junior players, up to SH / LH for adult players, size really does matter. Using a bat that is the wrong size can affect your stroke and raise the chance of being injured.

What Type of Cricket Ball Are You Using to Play?

You could be playing cricket with different types of balls, including leather, foam, rubber, or even a tennis ball. If you are playing with a light ball, then you don’t need a heavy or thick bat. You will need a thicker and sturdier bat if you are playing with a match leather cricket ball.

The Quality of Wood Used For The Cricket Bat

Cricket bats are made out of wood from the Willow tree. These are found in either England (English Willow) or North-West India (Kashmir Willow). Willow is graded based on the quality of wood, including the grain, the stains, specks, and any imperfections in the face. Typically, the wood and bat are graded from 1 (best) to 4 / 5.

What is Your Batting Style?

The face plate of adult cricket bats, regardless of whether it is LH or SH, is the same size. This doesn’t mean that the exact spot of the bat will be used every time to strike the ball.

Finding the “sweet spot” can depend on your batting style, for example if you hit mostly hard, low shots in a driving style, then a “low” cricket bat would be best. If you bat off your front foot, then a “mid” bat, where the bat is strongest centrally is best. Finally, if you play from your back foot, styled more for hook shots, then a high bat would be useful.

Although it is not crucial to many players to pick a bat designed for shot selection, it should be considered for serious players.

The Weight of the Cricket Bat

Heavier cricket bats are more durable and add more impact when striking the ball, but can be harder for some players to stroke with full, smooth motion due to the weight. You need to be able to effectively control your bat, so going for a heavier bat than you are comfortable with will lead to performance issues.

Most Suitable Cricket Bat Handle Type

Without a grip and handle of the bat, you can’t maximise your swing and contact on the ball. The usual two types of handles are oval and round. Oval handles are stronger and give good directional control. Round handles are usually easier to control and good for a firm grip, such as when used to hitting power shots.

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Although we have a wide range of cricket bats in many different sizes from many different brands, often our customers prefer to come to our Glasgow sports store to accurately size up and pick the right bat. Using the right cricket bat for you can massively boost not only your performance, but your enjoyment of the sport. Browse cricket bats today on our online store.

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