7 Tips To Take Care of Your Motocaddy Battery


As winter continues to set in, your Motocaddy golf trolley might be stored for the winter (or at least used far less) as golf courses freeze over and temperatures drop to those that aren’t always fun to play in. However, there may be those of you who still want to get 18 holes in over the holidays. If you’ve ever been skiing or in any other cold environment, you’ll know that it can play havoc with your phone battery as it gets too cold to operate the device. This is the case for any device with a lithium-ion battery.

Motocaddy golf trolley battery.

If you have a Motocaddy golf trolley, these tips are for you to get the most out of your trolley battery over the colder months.

1. Avoid Storing At Low Temperatures

Store your motocaddy battery at room temperature and never below 5 degrees when not connected to your motocaddy trolley. Take extra care to do this when your battery is out of charge. Always let the battery get to room temperature before charging as failing to do so could result in a fire.

2. Hibernate Your Battery

If you are taking a break from golf over the winter, fully charge your battery and disconnect the charger. Before you use the battery again, make sure to top up the battery with another charge. Leaving motocaddy (or any lithium-ion) batteries uncharged for long periods of time may reduce their capacity. 

3. Charge Your Motocaddy Battery Regularly

Make sure to charge your motocaddy battery once every 2 months. Leaving your battery unchecked or uncharged for too long, as mentioned above, will reduce its capacity. You can charge your golf trolley battery after each use but disconnect the battery from the charger once it is full.

4. Avoid Overcharging

Once a battery has been fully charged and the green light is on, disconnect the battery and don’t leave it connected to the charger for extended periods of time unnecessarily.

5. Store & Charge Your Battery In The Right Location

Store and charge your battery on a dry, hard, heat-resistant and non-carpeted surface.

6. Consider An Extended Range Battery

If you have purchased an extended range battery, recharge it as soon as possible after use (ideally within 12 hours). Also, don’t use your battery over consecutive days without charge.

7. Be Mindful With Rental Batteries

Charge your rental batteries in rotation to prevent one being overused and charged for longer than it needs to be.

If your Motocaddy battery runs out, the trolleys do have a free-wheel feature that means you can push the trolley along with you, but using our tips above means you can enjoy your trolley as intended.

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