The Perfect Gifts For Gym-Goers This Christmas 2023

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With the holiday season approaching, that only means one thing - it’s time to buy that important existing gym go-er or aspiring gym go-er in your life something special to help them skyrocket or kick-start their fitness journey. Luckily, we’ve done all the searching for you so you’re in the good books for a long time. Our gift guide was written by gym go-ers for gym go-ers so you know they will be popular picks this Christmas.

A man using resistance bands attached to some stairs.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great addition to any gym fan’s set up. They can be used both at home for an at-home workout or in the gym to add extra resistance to weight training.

Our Resistance Band Loop set comes in a set of 5 bands with varying levels of resistance meaning that they can be swapped out depending on specific movements. We also have a range of other single resistance bands that are a perfect option.

Weight Lifting Gloves

You may have heard that weight lifting gloves are not optimal in the gym as they “don’t help build up your grip strength”. While this may technically be true, hands get sweaty, which means pull up bars can get awfully slippy, leading to people not being able to complete the number of reps they wish.

Weight lifting gloves provide an extra level of grip to help anyone stay hanging on to that bar for longer or keep weights more secure in the hands. If you know someone who takes on the deadlift with heavy weight, weight lifting gloves could also be that extra aid in not dropping the bar.

A Gym Towel

No one likes to walk over to a bench or machine and see that someone has *very clearly* just been on it and not cleaned up after themselves. Don’t let your gift receiver this year be one of those people. A gym towel is an extra way to keep the gym a respectable place for everyone.

Gym towels are great after a run, cycle, after a heavy weightlifting session, or even as an extra workout accessory for variations on bicep curls and pull-ups.

Massage Tools

(or a massage gun if they’re extra special…)

The only thing more important than a great workout is great recovery. Without proper recovery, someone might not perform at their highest level during their next gym session!

Massage guns and other massage tools are a great way to help muscles relax, recover, and grow ahead of the next session whether that’s a run or a weights workout.

You don’t have to spend hours thinking of something to get the gym go-er in your life. Using our ideas above, your special someone, friend, or family member can take their workouts to the next level. Find everything you need to make your fitness enthusiast’s Christmas one to remember as you add a staple piece of equipment to their collection. Buy online or visit our sports shop in Glasgow! 

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