Golf for Beginners: Getting Started With Clubs

Getting Started Playing Golf

Although the professionals can make it look utterly effortless manoeuvring around the course, it takes decades of practice, lessons, and mistakes to reach that level. Even at the top of anyone’s game, there is a lot of work to be done to continue developing and stay at the top. Whatever the goals are, everyone starts out not knowing a thing about the game of golf - even Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy had to start somewhere.

If you are uninitiated in the world of golf but looking to pick up a club and learn what is a wonderful sport of skill, power, and control, then this guide can help golf for beginners. Golf is an excellent social sport, hours spent on the course, in nature, with plenty of full body activity for physical and mental fitness. We’re living in the home of golf in Scotland, and you’re never too young or old to get involved!

What Golf Clubs Do I Need to Get Started?

Every player will need a set of golf clubs to start out. Different situations require different clubs, and the type of club you use is important. Whether you require distance, height, or accuracy, a range of clubs will be needed throughout our round.

A beginner set of golf clubs will contain all you need when starting out, including typically a driver, some irons, a wedge, and a putter. As you develop your skills, these beginner clubs can be upgraded. Beginner clubs have more ‘forgiveness’ to help you develop your game.

Golf Balls

Every golfer that has ever swung a club in anger has lost a ball. It’s part and parcel of the game - heavy rough, errant shots, trees - neds (for those who watch Still Game) - can see golf balls disappear at an alarming rate. Don’t worry about buying top of the range balls when you will lose loads starting out, and don’t be disheartened if you do lose loads - everyone has.

Learning to Play

What inspired you to learn to play golf? For many, watching professionals and major tournaments on TV motivates them to play. Tiger Woods in that famous Sunday red strutting down the 18th is a lasting sporting memory for many that has created a whole generation of golfers, many professionals to this day. For others, it could be a social trip to the golf range, or just the idea of the sport itself for it’s social benefits. Why you are learning to play will help determine how much you are willing to put in as a beginner.

Golf Lessons

Although they can seem expensive, golf lessons are a great way to start out. From learning to swing to practicing different shot types, golf lessons are great for beginners, but also useful throughout your golf career as you constantly refine and improve your skills.

Golf Range

If you are a player who just likes to try and see how things work out, the golf range is a great place to get 100 balls and to just get a feel for it. You bring your own clubs and hit into an open field, usually with distance markers, to practice shots.

Picking the Right Golf Shots

Picking the right shot will always be important when you’re on the course. From the distance shots to the fine margins of nestling on the green, you’ll have to be familiar and comfortable with many different clubs and shot types. You should feel comfortable hitting a drive from the tee and know some basic shots like a fairway iron, a bunker escape with a wedge, and putting before you hit the course.

Hitting the Course

It’s definitely not advisable to go onto a golf course without having had some lessons and practice at a range, feeling comfortable with your swing. Whatever course you play on, there will be pros and experienced players also playing and if you aren’t ready and comfortable playing, it will add pressure and frustration. Only test yourself on a course when you have learned your basic shot selection. When you are ready, be confident but know your limitations, it’s all a learning and growing process.

There are many courses which offer 9 hole rounds - so start there, or try 3 holes to build up. A full 18 hole round of golf can take time, and golf is very much an endurance sport.

Things to Remember as a Golf Beginner

Every player starts from the beginning, every player has a bad shot, a bad round, a bad tournament. Don’t judge yourself against others, but continue to practice and learn from your mistakes. Losing balls is commonplace. When you are ready to hit the course, there are many game laws and rules of etiquette you should follow when playing. Learn more about the rules and etiquette of golf for beginners here.

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