Mitre Footballs For All Surfaces and Games At Greaves

  • Mitre are one of the biggest, most recognisable football manufacturers in the world
  • Many top football leagues and competitions use Mitre footballs, including the FA Cup, SPFL, Football Association of Wales, and more
  • At Greaves, we supply a range of sizes, including size 4 and size 5 footballs and mini footballs
  • We also stock a range of match footballs and training footballs from Mitre

Mitre Footballs

Mitre footballs remain some of the best and most popular footballs available to buy today. With a huge range of surfaces, purposes, and sizes available, Mitre footballs are affordable and built to last. This longevity at the top end of football manufacturing has kept Mitre providing footballs for some of the biggest competitions in the world. Whether you need a new football for 5-a-sides, or a new match football for your Sunday league, the Mitre football range at Greaves has you covered.

Footballs can come in different sizes, be used for proper matches or for training, and for different surfaces. For more information on choosing the right type of football, check out our blog on buying the right football.

Mitre Footballs by Size

Footballs come in a range of sizes, most commonly size 5 footballs which are used by adults and in the professional & amateur games, and size 4 footballs which are used by kids learning the game.

Size 5 Mitre Footballs

Size 5 is the most common size of football for adults. Both match footballs and training footballs are available in size 5 on our store.

Size 4 Mitre Footballs

Perfect for kids growing up and learning the game, size 4 footballs are a great way to grow and learn touches, skills, passing, and shooting.

Match Footballs

A match football is usually hand stitched and of higher quality. Mitre footballs will have the FIFA Pro Quality mark indicating it is an approved match quality ball.

Training Footballs

Training footballs are built for heavy and frequent use. The Mitre Impel training football is low cost and excellent for sustained training use.

Indoor Footballs

Most Mitre footballs are made for use on grass or astro turf, however Mitre also make footballs for indoor use on wooden panel flooring.

Pick Up Your Training or Match Football at Greaves Sports

Wherever you are kicking a football, and whatever surface you are playing on, there is a Mitre football at Greaves for you. A proper football can improve performance and make for a better game at any level. Shop Mitre footballs at Greaves and get free delivery on all orders over £75 online, or click and collect from our Glasgow sports store today.

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