Gait Analysis: What is it and How Can it Benefit You?


Whether you are a beginner starting out running on a treadmill, or an experienced road runner, gait analysis is an excellent tool to help reduce risk of injury and perform better. We all walk and run-in different ways, with different body types, as well as having different shapes/widths/sizes of feet. Running shoe manufacturers make a range of shoe’s that fit and feel different to one another, with some popular models coming in differing width fittings, so it is worth trying on various styles to compare and find out what FEELS most comfortable. So, having a gait analysis done will help point towards a more suitable range of shoes to choose from.

Gait analysis is a way to help understand a bit more about your movement patterns, which are individual to you, or as Brooks call it, your “run signature”.

What Is Running Gait?

A runner’s gait is the stride cycle executed while running, from the stance in planting each foot to the swing of the legs in forward motion. Each element of a runner’s gait affects pressure on joints and muscles, including where the foot lands and how it pushes off. This is a key aspect of your running gait, more commonly referred to as your pronation.

Pronation and How it Impacts Your Running

Pronation is simply how your foot rolls as it impacts the ground with each stride. There are 3 types of pronation:

Overpronation: This is the most common type found in runners. Overpronation is when the foot rolls inwards. This is typical in runners who have flatter feet or low arches.

Under pronationSupination, or under pronation, is where the foot impacts outwards, usually a result of higher foot arches.

Neutral: A neutral pronation sees the centre ball of the foot absorb impact and push off in a balanced way, evenly distributing pressure. Typical for “normal arches”.

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How Do You Analyse Gait?

At Greaves, we have up to date technology in the form of our 3D foot scanner and pressure plate reader, with the results available to view in store in seconds as well as a copy of the results emailed to you instantly. Not only do the results help us to make footwear recommendations, but also insoles (more on that later!). To aid the results from the scanning process, a good old-fashioned chat can be had to find out more about your running/sporting history as well as your ambitions, goals and desires. Furthermore, a treadmill is available in order to have a quick test run of the shoes, as well as benefiting from a large shop floor space to walk/run about on if treadmills are not your thing.

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Is It Worth Getting Gait Analysis?

Absolutely - if your running style leads to lasting impact on a specific joint, it can cause fatigue on other joints or muscles, or cause lasting damage to an area. A certain shoe type could help control movement to reduce pressure on a joint to help you move more freely and avoid serious long-term damage. As this all helps the run itself, it also positively impacts recovery and longevity, helping you perform at higher levels.

I’ve Had My Gait Analysis, What Now?

Once you’ve had your gait analysis appointment with is, we have a huge range of different running shoe types to choose and try on. We stock the biggest and best brands in running shoes, including On, Brooks, Asics, Hoka, to name but a few.
Our aim is to help you find a running shoe that is ultimately comfortable and suitable, enabling you to enjoy your training and help you reach your goals.

Gait Analysis at Greaves

There is a running shoe for you, that will help you perform at your best, with the help of gait analysis. At Greaves, we are more than just a sports store, we are sports specialists. We have helped thousands of runners reach new personal bests - and now it’s your turn. 

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