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Boob Armour® is designed by women, for women, creating protective inserts for your breasts which absorb impact and prevent injury. The protective inserts can help protect you both during sport, and into the future by alleviating long term trauma.

Breasts are a complex system of glands, ducts, muscle, and fibrous tissue. Impact can cause formation of hard lumps in breast tissue. More and more women across the world are getting involved in, and raising the bar of, contact sports around the world. Being kicked, elbowed, bumped, grabbed, and thrown in highly physical, highly competitive environments. Boob Armour® is the lightweight, breathable answer to not only reducing pain while playing or working, but preventing long term damage & trauma.

Benefits of Boob Armour®

Boob Armour® provides significant protection and injury prevention when playing sport or in high impact workplace environments. The inserts themselves are only 2mm thick and weigh just 15 grams each making them lightweight and comfortable, slipping perfectly into your favourite sports bra or crop top.

  • Protects your breasts from impact from obstacles, equipment, or other people
  • Prevent & alleviate long term breast trauma
  • Provides support to your breasts
  • Prevent injury

How Does Boob Armour® Fit and What Size Should You Use?

Your Boob Armour® comes in a handy carrier bag, with 2 protective inserts, handily marked left and right. The inserts are placed under your preferred sports bra or top over the breast. It is recommended you choose an insert size one cup smaller than your typical bra size. Research from Boob Armour® shows that the snugger the fit, the better and more protected women feel. Try the size guide to make sure you’re making the right choice for you.

Best Places to Use Boob Armour®

The huge benefits and lightweight, breathable construction of Boob Armour® means they are incredibly useful for active women, either in sport or the workplace. Many women across the world are using Boob Armour® for activities such as:

  • Hard ball & bat sports such as cricket or hockey
  • Court sports like basketball, netball, and tennis
  • Field sports like football & rugby
  • Combat sports like boxing or MMA
  • Physical jobs such as paramedics, firefighters, or construction workers

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You can pick up Boob Armour® online or in store at Greaves Sports today. With more and more women getting involved with contact sports, and typical sports bras not offering the protection and injury prevention required, Boob Armour® is an essential addition to sportswear & kit for any woman involved in, or looking to take part in sports.

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