Your Guide To Wimbledon 2022


The qualifying for Wimbledon is well underway having started on Monday the 20th and the championship beginning on Monday the 27th of June. As tennis fans gear up to watch their favourite players battle it out for the title of Wimbledon Champion, here's your guide to where to watch and the tennis gear that the top players are endorsing for 2022.

What Are The Dates Of Wimbledon 2022?

  • The Wimbledon 2022 championship is on from Monday 27th June until the Men’s final airs on Sunday 10th July 2022.
  • Men’s Singles Final: July 10th
  • Women’s Singles Final: July 9th
  • Men’s Doubles Final: July 9th
  • Women’s Doubles Final: July 10th
  • Mixed Doubles Final: July 7th

Where Can You Watch Wimbledon 2022?

Wimbledon will be live on the BBC from 10:30 am on the first day and then 11 am every day following with coverage of the championship spanning across BBC 1, BBC2 and BBC iPlayer.

The Red Button, BBC Sports App and BBC Sports website will also be showing elements of the games in case you miss anything.

The usual "Today At Wimbledon", an extra show that brings you the highlights and in-depth discussion from that day's events will also be on at 8:30 pm on BBC 2.

Is Andy Murray Playing This year? 

Andy Murray was sadly beaten in the second round by John Isner. Murray has said in previous interviews that he will continue to play as long as he feels he can perform at the highest level.

Murray recently suffered from an abdominal injury which has prevented him from practising certain shots, but he has reassured fans that his injury is progressing in the right way.

Now all of Britain looks to Cameron Norrie in hopes that he will take the title this year.

What Tennis Racquets Are The Tennis Pros Using?

Andy Murray

Two time Wimbledon champ Andy Murray recommends the Head Radical range of Tennis racquets which offer the perfect blend of power, control and spin for the versatile tennis player.

While recommending the Head Radical, Murray also plays with the Head PT57A Graphene XT Radical Pro (pictured above), most likely a customised version that's suited to his own strengths and weaknesses.

Rafael Nadal

Also two-time Wimbledon winner Rafael Nadal recently stated that he had to make some changes to his racquet after his playing style became increasingly offensive, with Babolat preparing his racquet in one afternoon upon special request.

The Babolat Pure Aero Rafa has been reworked to combine power and spin so you can exploit every opportunity for winning shots.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer has been Wimbledon champion eight times. He uses and has used since 2014, a customised version of the Wilson Pro Staff named the RF97 with the only difference between the tennis racquet he plays with and the one fans can buy being a slightly higher strung weight of 366g compared to 357g for the commercially available racquet.

Roger also has a range of shoes in partnership with On Running, aptly named the On Running Roger which are designed to add a contemporary finish to any style.

Novak Djokovic


Novak Djokovic has won Wimbledon a grand total of six times. He recommends the Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro racquet which comes with the Graphene 360+ technology, a combination of Graphene 360's energy transfer and innovative spiral fibres for enhanced flex and clean impact feel.

Novak's actual racquet that he uses is a customised Head PT113b which Head have not made commercially available. However, if you start practising now and rise through the ranks, in a number of years they might offer to make you a custom racquet of your own.

While the equipment that the pros use are all no doubt great racquets in most regards, what's most important is that they are built to suit their individual playing style. Make sure you explore our full range of tennis racquets and find the one that suits you and enhances your game instead of hindering it.


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