Kingsley takes over the 22/23 Partick Thistle Shirt (Literally)

22/23 Kit Release
  • Kingsley is a Partick Thistle fan from California who became the club mascot in 2015
  • Although he looks angry, Kingsley loves the jags and loves nothing more than meeting and greeting the Junior Jags and all other fellow fans
  • Yes… the shirt is real!
  • Ahead of the 22/23 season, Kingsley has literally taken over this special edition Partick Thistle kit - kilted shorts and all

Limited Edition Partick Thistle 22/23 Kingsley Kit at Greaves

You saw the leaks, you saw the rumours - Greaves and Partick Thistle are delighted to announce that yes, the special edition #kingsleykit is real. He’s literally taken over the kit. 


Born in Maryhill, inspired by Kingsley’s heritage in sunny California, this special edition Partick Thistle 22/23 kit will be available to buy soon.


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