Reach new Heights With On-Running Cloudtrax


On Running has released the Cloudtrax walking shoe that combines the genius of its trademark cloud technology with the comfort and durability of walking boots to create a hybrid piece of footwear that can take you all the way to the mountain peaks.

What is On Running’s Cloud Technology?

The most noticeable feature of On Running shoes are the soles. The soles are made up of individual cloud elements using cloud-foam cushioning that activates only when you land. The separate cloud elements on the sole mean that the shoe responds to the specific way that you land.

The sole’s cushioning then also bounces back, helping you push off from one step into another.

What Does This Mean For Hiking?

With any hill walk or hike taking a few hours at least, it’s important to have not only a comfortable hiking boot, but the individual cloud elements on the sole will mean that you get precise cushioning that will adapt to the shape of whatever rock you step on.

We all know hiking can get tough, especially in the middle portion when your initial energy levels have depleted and the motivation of seeing the end in sight has still to kick in. The explosive take-off provided by the On Running Cloudtrax’s cushioning might just give you the energy boost you need to reach the top.

Other Great Features!

With a one-pull lace feature, it means you can get up, go and adjust as necessary up the mountain in no time at all, saving precious time up the hill or mountain.

The On Running Cloudtrax was also designed for use on both streets and mountain peeks, meaning it can also be a great shoe to wear even on your off days.

It’s also lightweight and breathable, two incredibly important features when hiking, making sure you’re not carrying any unnecessary weight and ensuring your foot can breathe properly to stop you from overheating too quickly, affecting your performance.

On Running continues to find new ways to elevate your running or hiking performance through its footwear and the Cloudtrax is no exception. Use the Cloudtrax around the streets or take them to new heights to put them to the test yourself.


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