Get Ready for the Darts World Championships 2023 at Greaves

  • The PDC Darts World Championships 2023 start on Thursday the 15th of December 2022 with the final on Tuesday the 3rd January 2023
  • Alexandra Palace in London will play host to the tournament
  • Darts has always been a massively popular sport, but has grown in recent years on Sky Sports
  • A sport anyone can pick up - you just need 3 darts and a dartboard!

World Championship Darts

Every year, the PDC brings us the Darts World Championship from mid-December to the start of January. The biggest darts tournament in the world, with the best players ever to grace the oche. Every world champion started somewhere, and there are few sports easier to pick up, play, and learn than Darts.

What Are Darts Made Of?

Darts can be composed of many different metals. Including bronze or tungsten. Metal composition percentage is shown alongside the metal used, for example “80% tungsten”. Tungsten, as a lighter metal, can make a barrel smaller and slimmer.

Darts are comprised of 3 main components; the barrel, the stem, and the flight. The tip of the dart which enters the board is attached to the barrel and can be made from plastic (soft tip darts) or steel.

Darts Barrels

The barrel of the dart is the area the player grips with their fingers to throw with. Barrels can be different shapes and have grooves set based on the throw action of the player. Barrels are weighted differently again based on throw preference. A heavier dart requires more power to throw, while a lighter dart will travel differently, also impacting the angle of entry to the board.

Darts Stems

Stems on darts are the plastic tube which connects the barrel to the flight. Darts stems or shafts can be a variety of lengths - the length can again affect how the dart enters the board and is affected by how a player throws.

Darts Flights

Darts flights are the most visually customisable element of a player’s darts setup. Flights are small aerodynamic fins which add stability to the dart when thrown, usually made from nylon or plastic. Although the shape can differ, most players opt for a standard flight.

Dart Boards

Numbered from 1 - 20, darts boards are comprised of segments with corresponding values to their number. Each segment has a single value which is the large area, and a smaller area to represent a double score or a treble score. The centre of the board has two smaller rings; the Bullseye (worth 50 points) and the outer bull (worth 25 points). When checking out, a player typically wins by hitting a double number or the bullseye.

Dart boards are typically made of compressed sisal fibres which allow the dart to enter and stay in the board, but also to knit back together when the dart is removed. Segments are sectioned off with small, thin wiring for clarity of scoring.

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