A Guide to The Great Scottish Run 2022



The Great Scottish Run takes place on October 1st and 2nd with a series of events spanning the two days. All events will commence at George Square, Glasgow. The Kids and Mini events begin on October 1st and the 10K and half marathon on the following day.

Helpful Hints

  • 'Baggage Busses' are available to store your belongings during the race
  • Be prepared for wet weather by ensuring you have a lightweight running jacket.
  • Bringing Energy Gels is a great way to push through those hard miles

How can Greaves help you prepare

If you’re taking part in any event during the Great Scottish Run and have forgotten something, we’re only 5 minutes walk away from George Square incase of a last minute purchase. 

At Greaves we have a large Running department in our Flagship Store, we stock all the items necessary for a 10k to a marathon. Throughout the Great Scottish Run weather may change so it is good to be prepared by having a lightweight running jacket incase of showers. As it is during the first week of October, being prepared for temperature drops is advised, keep your body temp regulated by wearing a pair of running leggings or a hat. 

We stock a wide range of clothing made from different fabrics that can wick sweat from the body, aiding you in staying dry and reducing uncomfortable chafing - we also sell anti-chafing sticks from Body Glide.


The Extra Push - Energy Gels & Supplements

Many seasoned runners use energy gels and supplements to increase their calories whilst on the move. To give you that extra push for those last miles, we stock a range of Gels from brand SiS that release energy slowly to aid you across the finish line. There is no need to worry about filling up on water throughout the race as there are drink points along the 10K and marathon routes, however bringing dissolvable Nuun Sport tablets will help you rehydrate and replace electrolytes lost during the race. We also have a new brand; Veloforte, that make 100% natural Energy chews, handmade with real fruit juice and pure electrolytes.


Preparing for an upcoming race?

If you get the bug for running after taking part in the Great Scottish Run, why not book in for a Gait Analysis appointment to ensure your shoes are right for you. 

Your ‘Gait’ is your way of walking/running. As walking involves balance, coordination and muscle, everyone has their own walking pattern. Different person, different Gait. 

By finding out your type of ‘Gait’, our running department can match you with a pair of shoes most suited to your running style. We want to help you run your best race yet!

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