Wimbledon: Previous 5 Winners and the Brands Behind Them


It takes a lot to become a Wimbledon champion. The journey doesn’t just start in the summer; it begins when you’re first old enough to hold a racket, with the countless hours of practice and perspiration on the court, perfecting your serve until the floodlights turn off.

The path to glory in Wimbledon isn’t just about personal sacrifice, self improvement and dogged determination; it’s also about preparation, perfecting parts of your game and honing your style with equipment that compliments how you play.

Our team at Greaves Sports have researched the previous five mens and women’s Wimbledon winners from 2012 to 2017, and also the equipment they used on their way to lifting silverware in SW19.


Roger Federer (2012 & 2017)

Roger Federer, Wilson, Pro Staff RF97, Tennis, Wimbledon

WILSON Pro Staff RF97

The most prolific male tennis player of all time is currently ranked as world number 1; he holds a record 20 Grand Slam titles (so far), including an impressive 8 Wimbledon titles (as well as the record for most wins in total and the most consecutive wins).

Two of these titles were won in the past 5 years, the first being at Wimbledon 2012 and the second last year at Wimbledon 2017, but what equipment does ‘The Maestro’ prefer to use?

Federer has a long-running sponsorship with American sportswear giants Nike, which includes his own collection of tennis clothing such as the RF Advantage Polo, designed to keep him cool and comfortable on-court.

Federer also has his own signature Wilson racket, the Pro Staff RF97, a professional tennis racket that is lauded for its balance, precision and power.


Andy Murray (2013 & 2016)

Andy Murray, Andrew Murray, Head, Head Radical Pro, Tennis, Wimbledon

HEAD Radical Pro

Murray triumphed in Wimbledon 2013 and Wimbledon 2017, breaking up Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic’s impressive grip on the tournament, and ending the long wait for a British champion on home turf.

The Wimbledon champion is also a two-time Olympic champion, and is the first Brit to win a Grand Slam title since 1936, as well as the first British sportsman to win a Wimbledon title since the famous Fred Perry.

Indeed, the Scotsman was previously sponsored by the Fred Perry brand itself. He then moved to Adidas for his 2013 title, before switching sponsors to American brand Under Armour for his 2017 title onwards.

When it comes to tennis rackets, Murray’s signature Head racket (the Radical Pro) is renowned for its incredible control, power and spin thanks to Head’s innovative Graphene Touch Technology.


Novak Djokovic (2014 & 2015)

Novak Djokovic, Djokovic, Head, Head Speed Pro, Tennis, Wimbledon

HEAD Speed Pro Graphene Touch

The Serbian tennis star was consecutively crowned champion in Wimbledon 2014 and Wimbledon 2015, defeating Roger Federer in both finals.

The first Serb to win a Grand Slam title and rank at number one in the world by the ATP, Djokovic is rightly considered among the greatest tennis players of all time. His grace, speed and agility on the court is widely recognised, while he has a reputation for aggressive baseline play and one of the strongest backhands of all time.

So how does ‘The Serbinator’ bring these traits to his game? Do his apparel and equipment have an affect? Djokovic is sponsored by iconic French brand Lacoste, the providers of light tennis clothing that doesn’t sacrifice their clean style when it comes to providing comfort.

Djokovic’s choice of racket is his signature Graphene Touch Speed Pro from Head, the perfect companion on the court for his quick and agile style of play.


Serena Williams (2012, 2015 & 2016)

Serena Williams, Wilson, Wilson 98s CV, Countervail, Tennis, Wimbledon

WILSON Blade 98S Countervail

Regarded by many as the greatest female tennis player of all time, Serena Williams has been ranked number 1 in the world by the ATP on eight separate occasions between her first inclusion in 2002 and 2017.

At 186 weeks, she ties with tennis legend Steffi Graf for consecutive time spent as number 1, while she has also spent a remarkable 319 weeks as the number 1 ranked female tennis player in the world. In total, Williams has 39 Grand Slam titles – three of which were clinched in Wimbledon.

Known for her powerful style of play made up of a strong serve, backhand, forehand and return of serve, Serena Williams relies on clothing and equipment that allows maximum movement. Sponsored by Nike, she uses her own Wilson signature variation of the popular Blade Countervail Racket to deliver powerful performances on-court.


Marion Bartoli (2013)

Marion Bartoli emerged as somewhat of a surprise winner during the Wimbledon 2013 finals, in what would prove to be her first and only Grand Slam title.

Though Bartoli retired from professional tennis following her Wimbledon triumph, this didn’t damage her reputation as a female tennis player of immense power. Though her style of play was unorthodox, she was renowned for being an aggressive, hard-hitting player thanks to her two-handed technique.

To deliver this style of play and performance, Bartoli relied on her Prince EXO 3 Warrior racket.


Petra Kvitová (2014)

Petra Kvitová, Wilson, Pro Staff 97, Wilson Pro Staff 97, Tennis, Wimbledon

WILSON Pro Staff 97 Countervail

The winner of two Grand Slam titles including Wimbledon 2011, the powerful Czech makes this list on merit of her Wimbledon 2014 win against Eugenie Bouchard following a straight-set victory that took just 55 minutes.

At six feet tall, Kvitová is a recognised for a strong and precise style of play. Her pinpoint serves are known for their power and accurate placement, while she makes up for a lack of speed versus smaller opponents by aggressively controlling the baseline.

This style of play demands a powerful racket and comfortable, maneuverable attire. Kvitová is sponsored by Nike for all of her tennis clothing needs, while (similarly to Roger Federer) she uses the Pro Staff 97 racket from Wilson to dominate on the court.


Garbiñe Muguruza (2017)

Garbine Muguruza, Babolat, Babolat Pure Drive, Tennis, Wimbledon


The former world number 1 is the most recent winner of the women’s title thanks to her triumph at Wimbledon 2017 against Venus Williams; Muguruza is currently ranked at number 3 in the world by the WTA.

Her play style is regarded as powerful, and she proves to be a formidable opponent on both grass and clay thanks to her 6ft frame. Muguruza prefers to dictate play from the baseline with strong groundstrokes and fast, accurate serves.

In order to achieve this power and speed, Garbiñe Muguruza relies on the freedom of movement and cool, comfortable clothing provided by her sponsors, Adidas. In addition to this, thanks to the Pure Drive racket from Babolat, she has the confidence to add more power and spin to every single shot too.  


Wimbledon: Previous 5 Winners and the Brands Behind Them
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Wimbledon: Previous 5 Winners and the Brands Behind Them
It takes a lot to become a Wimbledon champion. The journey doesn’t just start in the summer; it begins when you’re first old enough to hold a racket.
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