Greaves Top 3 Winter Sports Guide

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, it’s always good to go back to basics with some of your best loved winter sports to make sure that you’re preparing for your winter activities in the right way, you’ve got the right winter sports equipment to hand, and you’re set to have the best fun possible while out in the cold.

There are so many different winter sports to choose from, but some of the most popular are snowboarding ,skiing, and ice climbing. Each of these have different requirements in terms of your physical strength and the equipment and winter sports clothing you’ll need ready.

We’ve put together a quick guide to these three most popular winter sports to give you an introduction to what to expect from each, or simply to take you back over the basics if you’re already a huge winter sports fan!



Flexibility and rotation are essential to snowboarding; you’ll need to be able to shift your weight and twist your body while maintaining good strength through your joints as you flex and extend through the knees, ankles and hips. If you’re going to enjoy snowboarding without injury, you’ll need to improve your toe to heel balance, hip mobility and core rotation to make sure that you’re shifting positions safely. We recommend training with squats and focusing on your core strength before picking up your snowboard!

Once you’ve got your body in check, you’ll need to pick up the right gear to keep you safe and comfortable while you’re snowboarding. Choosing the right snowboard is totally down to you as it’s a very individual preference, but we can recommend some great Canada Goose gear to keep you insulated while you’re out in the cold; from their famous Canada Goose parka to the lightweight Canada Goose hoodie and even Canada Goose hats and gloves, we’ve got all the right kit you’ll need to keep your body temperature up in extreme cold at Greaves.



Skiing is more popular than ever as a winter sport, for both professionals competing and those wanting to take to the slopes on holiday. However, skiing is notorious for knee injuries in particular so it’s important that you train to reduce that risk before you jet off to somewhere snowier.

Knee injuries when skiing usually occur because there’s an imbalance in strength between the hamstrings and the quads which places the knee under stress. To combat this, we recommend strengthening your hamstrings by training with simple stepups. If you’re wanting to make the exercise harder, deadlifts are a good strengthening option.

If you haven’t chosen your skiing equipment that, we’ve got some great recommendations for you in our ski equipment collection including a selection of ski boots and skis from top industry brands such as Rossignol, Atomic and more.

Not included in our ski collection, but essential to your safety while skiing, ski helmets by KASK are top of the range. Combining the very best safety technology with seamless functionality and a commitment to style, KASK ski helmets are extremely popular with professional and amateur skiers alike.

Once you’ve got all the essential equipment in place, you’ll need to find ski wear to suit you. For women’s ski wear, Goldbergh offer a fantastic selection of high performance but fashionable winter sports clothing for the fashion conscious skier. For both men and women, North Face is a great choice for versatile outerwear and layering suited to cold conditions.

Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing

The key to ice climbing is simple – it’s all about strength. You need to be able to complete hundreds of pull ups in a row and take a lot of weight on your arms, shoulders and even fingers to be able to ice climb effectively and safely. We recommend training using staggered grip pull ups and solid squats to get your body in tip top condition for the climb!

One of our winter sportswear brands at Greaves, Marmot, was founded by two experienced ice climbers that began creating their own range of sportswear tailored to their needs. Filled with ethically sourced goose down and lined with Gore-Tex material, Marmot winter sportswear is designed by and for ice climbers to keep you warm and protected in extreme conditions.

Whatever your favourite winter sport, we can help you find the right equipment and clothing to make sure you’re prepared for everything. You do the training, and we’ll do the rest at Greaves in our winter sports collection.

Greaves Top 3 Winter Sports Guide
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Greaves Top 3 Winter Sports Guide
There are so many different winter sports to choose from, but some of the most popular are snowboarding ,skiing, and ice climbing.
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