5 Amazing Cricket Records

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The game of cricket is loved globally; second only in popularity to football. It’s played by millions of people from different countries and varying climates across the world, but it first originated in 16th century England.

All manner of nobilities and classes played the sport, from humble farmers to rich landowners, cricket was and still is loved by the many. In the sport’s infancy, cricket balls were believed to be improvised from matted sheep’s wool or even small lumps of wood, while sticks and farm tools were put to use as rudimentary cricket bats.

These days, cricket is a much more sophisticated affair, and it has heralded some amazing records across the years. Our team at Greaves Sports has compiled a list of 5 interesting cricket facts that are sure to bowl you over, so read on below!



Ricky Ponting – The Only Player to Score a Century in Both Innings of his 100th Test Match

Legendary former Australian captain Ricky Ponting was an impressive player at his peak. Part of a golden generation of Australian cricket, he holds a very special record for the Aussies.

Playing against South Africa in 2006, he scored a century in both innings during his 100th test match; this consisted of 120 in the first innings, and 143 off 159 balls in the second innings.


Wasim Akram – Hit the Most Number of Sixes in a Test Innings

Pakistani fast bowler and batsman, Wasim Akram, holds the esteemed record for the most sixes hit during a Test innings at a remarkable total of 12.

The game between Zimbabwe in 1996 also saw Akram record an unbeaten run of 257 off 363 balls, this included his record 12 sixes as well as 22 fours – making his highest Test score higher than Sachin Tendulkar’s career highest of 248.


Rahul Dravid – Highest Number of Times Bowled Out in Test Cricket

Rahul Dravid had a well-earned reputation as a player with a solid defensive game, so much so that he was nicknamed ‘The Wall’. It’s perhaps surprising, then, to learn that Dravid is the unwanted holder for the highest number of bowl-outs during a Test match.

During his otherwise impressive 16-year cricket career, Rahul Dravid bowled a record 54 times.


Sunil Gavaskar – Scored an Unbeaten 36 off 174 Balls

During the Prudential World Cup of 1975, Indian batsman Sunil Gavaskar achieved a record unbeaten 36 runs from 174 balls.

With England setting a score of 334 runs in 60 overs, India needed to hit 335 runs. Gavaskar battled through, but India ultimately only managed to record a score of 132 runs in 60 overs.


Chris Gayle – Hit a Six off the First Ball of a Test Match

An exceptional cricketer renowned for his power and batting skills, Chris Gayle played his international cricket for the West Indies, making his debut in 1999 against India at the age of 19-years old.

Gayle remains the only player in the 137 years of Test cricket history to hit a six from the first ball bowled. He achieved this during the 2,027th Test match against Bangladesh in 2012.


So what cricket records will we see hit for six in 2019? The sport’s popularity in England is only set to increase thanks to country’s hosting of the Ashes next year. The tournament is sure to capture the hearts of the nation, much like the London Olympics did in 2012, and no doubt the Ashes will win over a whole new generation of cricket fans in the process.

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