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What is Rugby Union? All You Need to Know

What is rugby union? Rugby Union is a contact team sport originating in England. The game was brought to life in the first half of the 19th Century, and is played with an oval ball by two teams of 15 players.  The aim of the game is simple, just like most team sports, you use the ball to score more points than the other team.  You can score points by one of four ways:  A try (5 points) A player places the ball down in the opposing side’s dead ball... Read More


Euro 2020: Must Have Football Items

When is the Euro 2020? One of the most exciting times in the football calendar is on the horizon; Euro 2020. The tournament will take place over the course of a month and will have our hearts racing from June 12th to July 12th. There is no better time to start your preparations for one of the most exhilarating times in sport.  EURO 2020 Key Dates  19/11/2019 The conclusion of European Qualifiers 22/11/2019 Euro 2020 Play-off draw 30/11/2019 UEFA Euro 2020 final tournament draw 26/03/2020 Play-offs for European Qualifiers begin... Read More


Greaves Sports: New Football Kits

The start of the new season is surrounded by excitement; which players are seeking pastures new? Who will be wearing the colours of a new club? Among the furore, of course, is the release of the season’s new football kits.  Separating the eye-catching kits from eyesores is all part of the fun gearing up to another year of football, so our team here at Greaves Sports have handpicked some of this season’s kits that you should add to your collection.  Manchester United One of the most iconic kits in the... Read More


Wimbledon 2019: Professional Clothing & Equipment

  With summer in full swing and the excitement and fever of Wimbledon still thick in the air, tennis fans around the country are still showing symptoms of tennis fever. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a total newbie, you’ll be more than familiar with the excitement the tournament brings every year and Wimbledon 2019 was no exception.  For the more fashion-forward among us or those looking to improve their own tennis game at home, you may be wondering which brands you can expect to see at Wimbledon and where... Read More


FA Cup Final: Top 5 Facts & Figures

    The FA Cup is one of football’s most romanticised trophies. The all-encompassing cup tournament often pits league minnows against star-studded Premiership sides, and each year we soak up story after story and scoresheet after scoresheet of modern-day tales of David vs Goliath. After a dramatic route to the final for both qualifying teams this year, most notably Watford’s 3-2 thriller against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the semi-finals, Manchester City and Watford will battle it out for the biggest domestic tournament trophy in English football in 2019. So, when is... Read More

hiking 23/04/2019

Greaves Sports Greatest: Outdoor Activities

  As the snow, ice and general glum wintery weather melt away to make room for spring, millions of people all over the UK have begun to dust off their outdoor wear and set out towards the fantastic countryside and coastlines that Britain has to offer. Whether you prefer coast or country, there’s plenty of amazing outdoor activities just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed right across Scotland, England and Ireland. If you’re struggling for inspiration when it comes to things to do in the great outdoors, check out our... Read More


Masters Tournament: Who’s There and What Will They Wear?

  With the Masters 2019 fast approaching, golf fans everywhere are speculating who will be attending the annual tournament. Arguably one of the biggest golf tournaments in the world, if not the biggest, the 2019 Masters Tournament will be held in Augusta, Georgia in the United States this year, in what will be the 83rd edition of the prestigious tournament. Our team here at Greaves Sports have put together a list of 5 pro golfers of different nationalities that we can expect to take to the course on April 11th,... Read More


Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions: Our 5-Step List for Success

    New Year’s resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. For some, it’s all about self-improvement; losing weight, starting the gym, drinking less alcohol, eating more fruit, giving up meat. For others, these changes are more lifestyle-focused; saving more money, improving your credit score, managing stress, getting a mortgage, earning a promotion or finding a new job. Whatever the resolution, what’s crystal clear is that for many, sticking it out is far from straight forward. In fact, around 88% of New Year’s resolutions fail, so how can you go... Read More


What is the UEFA Nations League?

  It’s the question that has been on the lips of many. Even the most ardent of football fans have taken to the quietest corner of their local and whispered, “So, what is the UEFA Nations League?” Even the professionals are confused, with England’s World Cup hero Harry Maguire recently admitting he was confused by the format of the tournament. Mercifully, our team here at Greaves Sports are on hand to answer all of your questions and unravel the mystery of the UEFA Nations League.   Why has the UEFA... Read More

Cricket 03/09/2018

5 Amazing Cricket Records

  The game of cricket is loved globally; second only in popularity to football. It’s played by millions of people from different countries and varying climates across the world, but it first originated in 16th century England. All manner of nobilities and classes played the sport, from humble farmers to rich landowners, cricket was and still is loved by the many. In the sport’s infancy, cricket balls were believed to be improvised from matted sheep’s wool or even small lumps of wood, while sticks and farm tools were put to... Read More